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2008 Summary of Miao

Since like everyone is doing summary of their 2008. I think I also do one too :D…



– Was back in Kuching enjoying my sweet semester break


– Went for my first Blood Donation


– Struggling with my Final Year Project...


– My blog was one year old.

– Change my miao’s look from a Stick-miao to a Pikachu-miao.

– Went bankrupt getting my very first DSLR, Canon 400D.

– Met Fattien for the first time

– Met HungWei for the first time.


– Finish my university.

– Went to Pahang for my first time

– Went to Penang and met Cedric for my first time

– Went to Aquaria and met Robin for my first time

– Went for an Interview for my first time

– Went to Bali for my first time


– In search of a job.

– Design Banner for HungWei

– Went for photo shooting with JasonFood shooting, Cars Shooting..

– Still jobless…


– Still searching of a Job…

– Design banner for Louis’s Shoe Site.

– Went even more photo shooting with Jason…more Food shooting and also Fashion shooting..

– Got my job offers at the end of July…Thanks to my friend’s help.


– I’m officially graduated.

– I started to work.

– Met Chong for the first time.

– Went to the Summer Concert for the first time..

– Met YuinYin for the first time.


– I started to do comic posts on my colleagues, life and friends.

– Changed my miao’s look from Pikachu-miao to Mantou-miao

– It was my 23rd Birthday.

– Got myself a car, Proton Saga BLM.

– Got featured on the Malay Mail Newspaper!! Yata!!!…Thanks to Selina 🙂

– Went to Taman Negara for my first time.

– My hamsters showing their faces for the first time.


– Met Splashmilk for the first time.

– Went to Kuala Lumpur Photographing Festival for the first time.

– Met SmashPop for the first time.

Guest Blog for my first time at


– Went to Bird Park for the first time.

– Got my first pay cheque for the first time from Nuffnang. Thank you ^^.

– Bought my own domain from it.

– Met JiaWen for the first time.


– Went to Gua Tempuring and Ipoh for the first time.

– Went to Pikom fair for the first time.

– Went to Bloggers Gathering for the first time.

– Met Fox, Dylan, Aaron, Frost, Jay, Danny, Mikkiz, and IcedNyior for the first time.

– Met Cass for the first time.

-Met Bryan for the first time.

-Met Yatz for the first time.

– Met Gabriel and Mike for the first time.


From the summary, it seems like my life gets pretty interesting after I graduated when i thought working life is gonna be soo boring. XD

Life wise, I been to so many places I had never thought of going before, and also knowing and meeting so many new friends.. And sometimes I can’t even manage to blog each and every little outings out…

The best part of all of these is I’m getting more and more people liking my Miao and Hamsters!! So I just wanna say…

In the coming 2009, I will try my best to give you all laughter, tears and sweatness…

P/S: I failed at Spellings and Grammars.. so please ignore them 😛 Nya~


Miao Vs the Love Birds

My two Chicken friends here is one funny little loving bird couple. During their visit in Melaka, they kept on psycho’ing me to get a girlfriend (which didn’t work at all ) and we even had this argue in the car on Career Vs Relationship XD.

Neither of us won the arguement since both sides were holding strong to their own believes. Neitherless, the two Birds still insist on psycho’ing me and they even sacrifice their closest friend’s happiness and introduced to me…







but I ate her up and won the fight.

P/S:  I didn’t ate their friend..I just draw this for fun XD

So, Career and Relationship.. which one comes first for you?

Festive Season

Christmas Eve Celebration at Portuguese Settlement

Short notes: Sorry for the late updates, I was actually doing my Christmas Celebration Marathon and have been going out since Christmas Eve till now..



*Blink Blink~~*





From left to right: Leng zai, Leng Lui, Miao, Chick Ting and Chicken Jack.



I’m not sure if it is because of the economic crisis or not but the Fireworks is really really (speechless)… It was not as Grand as how I remember it was (few years ago) anymore… It was very disappointing actually, especially for my friends who came all the way from Kuching, KL and Penang squeezed themselves through the massive crowds, and suffered from the spraying of smelly oily moose alike fake snow just for a small “bang”.

*I just noticed I forgot to draw my reindeer horns and scarf in these last two strips… LOL*

So how did you celebrate your Christmas Eve?

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