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Welcome all to www.akiraceo.com.

My name is miao, I will be the host for this site. As you can see now, the site is a brand new site without any post from my old blog. I purposely let it that way as I found my old blog to be too messy (lazy to clean up :P).

So for those who would like to read more or would like to know more about miao‘s past, you are welcomed to click the following link to direct you to my old blog for more posts.

Currently, this site is still under development. There are still many things need to be added, such as favicon, miao’s smiles, widgets, ads, etc..

Any suggestions are welcomed πŸ™‚ . Hope you enjoy your stay here…

Oyah, dinner is served!

Comments 33

  1. heys heys.. you also to wordpress huh? ive been thinking of migrating too.. what you think? hehe XD

    Its a good idea too.. There’s a lot of WordPress template abd plugins out there.. Some more wordpress offer quite a better site/blog management..

  2. Congratulations on your very own hosting site! =D I hope you maintain your style from OLD MIAO site…. I mean the favicon, mascot, emoticon etc… πŸ˜‰ i will look fwd to your updating soon or later!

    Hahha..ya will maintain my style πŸ˜€
    Later gonna flood the site with my miao.. currently still empty…
    Do let me know if I kinda slip out of my old style ya πŸ™‚

  3. will update my link to this domain liao..

    awesome.. new blog new style!! SAME CAT!!



    Hahahaha.. same mission.. “to bring laughter to all” πŸ™‚

  4. Why you don’t transfer your old comic from blogspot to here? It is easy!

    You pay RM 99 + Domain for this eh? :p

    Hehe I want to keep this site clean and comics only.. old one kinda messy
    Ya.. ^^ how’d you know?

  5. Akhirnya, lu launched site lu. Tahniah.. Tahniah…

    So, boleh gua delete old link lu, kan… Hehe.

    Hahaha you want to delete also can ^^… currently have no plan for it yet… maybe later got ..

  6. this is awesome, dude!!!!!
    so, do we relink you or will you still be using ur blogspot?

    hahah thanks trish..
    Relink will be good ^^… until I have another plan for it …

  7. haahha very cool, i want to try hamster meat long ago (although they are pretty exp)

    Woah… but I only have two wor.. doesn’t seems enough for two of us ler hehehe

  8. Aiseh !!! Finally this site is up and running !!! See soooooo many people have been waiting and it is here. Hooraaaaayyyyyyyy
    Nicely done Miao…

    Yo robin~~ haha yeah.. finally.. after soooooo long hahahaha
    Still a lot need to do …

  9. miao&wafupafu, rocks my life pluz makes me laugh till i didnt realise i finishd reading all de wafupafu strips start from page 92 til 1 in 2 days only…:DD

    hope diz blog ganna be de bez n awesome comic blog in diz world soon..

    Goh jian , jia you~~^^//

    wahahaha ^thunbs up*

    Woahhh thanks for the support!!!!

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