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  1. Hahaha… your hamsters are hyper <3 I understand the monday blues too. But for me, every working day is monday blue day. Sad isn’t it? Keep up the great work, miao! <3 Congrats on your new site! Hip hip hooray~!

    Yawn.. I just wake up.. so lazy to go to work lar.. feel like staying home draw miao XD.. True true every morning is llike monday blue day except weekends and holiday XD hahaha

  2. OH this is soooo true. it happend to me a lot… my phone’s alarm is every 10 minutes. i guess this happen a lot since uni time. my room mate cant stand it so he off my phone instead 😀

    Hahahaha…lucky im staying alone.. but i think my hamsters wanna kill me d… Gurp..

  3. hhahahaha i think everyone is almost the same lar… i snooze dunno how many times also LOL……

    LOL… we are all bunch of pigs XD.. ……hmm i’m a cat looking pig tho XD hahaha

  4. LOLz.. I HATE MONDAYS!! it’s always blue!! hahaz.. XD

    Well.. not working.. but studying also kinda.. u know.. lazy la..

    Hahaha.. I hate morning classes XD

  5. Hhmm.. Normally, I’llI wake up before the alarm rings… Hehe

    hahaha biological alarm clock eh XD..last time i also like that but now XD hahaha macam babi d

  6. i totally und this! LOL. i have always wanted to do a 20-min yoga before work, but throughout one whole year, i have only successfully did it once. hahaha

    LOL.. at least you manage to do it once.. next year try to do twice 😀

  7. I ustd how you feel… I feel the same way…every morning, my mother or grandpa will come wake me up but i said 5 min more….then repeated until my mother throw pillow to me… XD i prefer sleeping until afternoon…If not for work, i would sleep until anytime I like! Adulthood is a really crap of sh*t…

    hahaha its good to have someone to wake you up XD.. i always afraid I overslept and late for work..
    if no work, I also wake up around 8 to 9 o’clock.. if sleep til noon..I will have headaches ><

  8. Nah I stopped this bad habit already. Everytime if I delay the alarm time, somehow I’m very afraid that I’d oversleep LOL!

    Woah.. geng..
    I always lose to my bed 1.. cant resists it…

  9. I had set my alarm from 8am to 9am, 15 minutes for each interval, and I use classic music as the alarm tone…

    The result? My roommates are well awaken to wake me up at 9am…


    Hahaha classic music where can wake up 1… ehh maybe your roommates can hahaha

  10. Ui… so familiar one. LOL
    I do that very often. I always set my alarm 30 minutes earlier.
    The only difference is, my mom’s the one who WAKEs me up. hahhaah..

    Lol XD… If i’m at home.. and if my dad was the wakes me up.. I will be in deep trouble..

  11. haha. hamster alarm. lolz
    energy saving.

    oh nice site. 2 day i didnt on9 miao already moved. hehe sent my pc bak 2 shop coz under powered.

    Gosh.. your pc keep going to the workshop..

  12. Yeah. I got almost the same situation like urs.
    I hate it when I got 8.30am class..-.-
    that’s why i always set my alarm earlier..haha.

    Hahaha…its a pain in the sleep.. Last time i will keep try to avoid getting myself a morning class..

  13. ahahaha! OMG! Looks like I’m not the only one! lol. I do this ALL THE TIME….
    Tch, not only on Mondays…

    Yeah!! That’s so true!!! except holidays and weekends hahaha

  14. haha, i do the same thing also everyday.. there’s one day i accidentally off it and woke up at 9:50am!!!!

    What did you do after that? MC?

  15. i oso got serius monday blue sum mo my blue start from sunday nite when i have to go back penang from my sweet home (SP)….
    i oso alwiz snooze my alarm n sleep back but tis is not a good habbit le…. 1 day sure overslept n late for work de hahah

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