Omg! I lose 5kg!!

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Seriously I lose 5kg over 3 months…ever since I started to work. My colleagues told me usually people get fat in my current company over the time…but seems like I broke the trend.

I think maybe its due to the fact that I’m having only two meals (lunch + dinner ) per day now instead of the usual 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner + supper) per day I used to have during university… Some more I think my diet is getting unhealthier… no more breakfast and no more fruits after meal… @.@

Unhealthy and…

Comments 25

  1. hahaha! 😛 woah, losing 5kg’s is a lot! 😀 take good care of urself~ love those kitties. hehehehe.

    Yalor..its lot.. I also have no idea.. when did it started to go away.. @@

  2. lol…. you can always bring apple to work if you want to.

    And you actually get healthier by not eating supper =) … but not by not eating breakfast.

  3. lol…. you can always bring apple to work if you want to.

    And you actually get healthier by nt eating supper =) … but not by not eating breakfast.

    Erm.. I think I should start bringing apple d.. hehe whenever I wake up already almost time for work.. not much time for breakfast d hehe

  4. lmao… hahaz.. how u do that dude? I need to learn how to lose tht much of kg too!! i eat brunch and dinner also.. but i gain weight.. =.=

    I also have no idea.. maybe working stress got to do with it too..

  5. That’s weird. I thought you will spend more on food when you are earning money.

    Well, that’s happening to me la.. Hehe.

    Hahahaha I’m not earning enough money ma hahaha

  6. hahaha miao underweight!

    So totally..
    I calculated before.. my previous weight was the optimal weight for my height.. any little weight lighter I will be underweight

  7. lol.. the comic is cute and funny. Few weeks ago, I went for measurement too and I got 10 pounds lighter without doing anything. Then only I realized that my measure has problem. After all, I didn’t lose any weight.

    Lol.. maybe the measurement machine I used also got problem hahaha.. but I do noticed my neck is coming back XD (tho my face still fat..swt)

  8. well i lose like 3 kg in a month? but my weight is usually flunctuates every month until my tailor has to alter the same clothe of mine twice just to fit me…

    Woah very flexible wor..

  9. Ok ah. From KL i buy liao deliver to Malacca. Hahhahah

    Hahahaha…by the time reached here I think the cha kuey tiao already spoilted..or eaten by the postman d hahaha

  10. ppl said din eat breakfast will become stupid de wor…
    haha i think u better eat back breakfast…
    hahah i wish i can lost 5 kg like u… no nid diet oso slim down

    like that i ma need to eat a lot?

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  12. Is an unhealthier sign for u …… Breakfast is most important thing in a day started. Tis will make ur mind looks indifferent. ….BTW…i love the cats….

    Hehehe.. yealo..
    really need to start to practice having breakfast every morning

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