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Sorry for the missing of miao during the weekend. Actually, I went on a trip with my colleagues over the weekend. There’s suppose to have an update before I went out for my trip on Saturday but.. I could not manage to update it.

and this is why…

My trip started at 4:00am in the morning, and a few hours before that ….

All thanks to my blurness of setting the Alarm at 3:00pm instead of 3:00am, I could not manage to have my breakfast, update blog and also packing up.


It seems like I made it in time… but




Moral of the story: Never ever saved your job till last minute…you never know what will happen next…

Oyah, try to guess where did  I went :D.

More hints 🙂


– A Place with the Cleanest water Source in Malaysia

Origin of a Famous Black/Brown coloured drink which named in contrast with its color.

Famous with the Chicks

The answer is in this post… try find it 😀

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  1. lolz…i guess JiaWen is mean ‘dai sei’ ~ XD
    haha…shirt with many flower + pants that is fit with ur leg + slippers = ‘tai ke’ aka taiwanese ah beng…hahaha…

    my colleagues all said i looked like a “pai kia” .. especially when I have a toothpick in my mouth.. after my breakfast.. hahha

  2. oops, i wrong type..not work…-.-”

    but PBA is correct :P….

    1) Pulau Redang

    2) Pulau Perhentian

    3) Pulau Tioman

    since I think the place with water nearest to KL such as Port Dickson or Pulau Pangkor are not quite clean…

    Hahaha… everyone mislead by the water hint XD..
    The place actually have no direct connection with water at all

  3. Walao ah beng, very za dou loh (-.-“)

    Malaysia got clean water source one mehhhh!

    Hahahaha got.. if we lower our standard of clean way down below.. XD..
    I read from wiki and it stated the place have the cleanest water source in Malaysia wor

  4. omg.. reminds me of my clumsiness as well..

    lolz.. that’s hilarious.. bringing wrong costume.. it happened to me once.. so no more.. I’ll pack before I sleep.. at least.. if overslept I can still chiaoz very fast..

    haha.. that does brings me back now.. LOLzz

    hahaha i learned my lesson too… ><

  5. wah… new page d….
    totally agree wif u… no last min job.. it reli reli not a good experience… so finish ur stuff earlier la…
    your comic become more n more funny and now even hv moral story value… haha not bad ya

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