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  1. got SO the very gua jeong onot wor? LOL

    Reply: seriously yes.. I was really sick the other day.. dizzy and headache..
    my colleagues all see me wanna fainted already lol XD

  2. PC + Internet = Life.
    No PC = No Life + No Internet

    Reply: hahaha mine PC + Internet + Outings = Life
    a little bit different from yours hehe..
    and none of them can be missing XD

  3. ehmmm.. dont have internet access at office?
    haha.. i can blog, facebook, frenster, surf net, and even torrent in office

    Reply: No lor.. only one public computer in the office is connected to the internet.

  4. Woii I faced the same problem leh, except that I don’t have to go opis, so there’s less chance for me to be a zombie lol!

    Reply: zombie is because I’m sick ma… not without internet..
    sob sob.. everyone is getting the wrong point sob sob

  5. HahHAhAHH Very true very true !! Go school feeling like a AIDS patient…
    In front of PC feeling like a hero XD

    Reply: hahaha… bring ur pc to sch lor

  6. hahaha ya lor. egypt mia internet has been down since yesterday (some underwater cable die liao wtf) and all i was sit down in bed and play games wtf. T________________T

    msn msn i want msn.

    Reply: wahhhhh how long did it lasts??

  7. Alamak ! like this oso can o ….
    I hope ur hamster won’t think tat this “master” chi sin ody .
    laptop without internet really will mad ~ XP
    Hope u get well soon .
    dun sick in Christmas !
    or else ur present will be medicine …. haha ….

    Reply: hahaha they won’t think coz they already confirmed this master chi sin 1 hahaha
    touch wood touch wood.. cannot sick ler

  8. I looked like that too when I got home from the Philippines, and I stayed up till 4am before going to bed. I was thoroughly exhausted but I let the internet got the better part of me… Sigh… >_<

  9. Hahahahhahahahahahahahaha~ This is so adorable and heart felt ’cause I’m like that too!!!! I know it’s odd for me to comment on an old entry but it’s too cute! I’ve only discovered your blog yesterday and I’m hooked. Kept clicking and reading all your past entries. Love your drawing so much!! Respect!!! (:

    Hahaha thank you for visiting and reading my posts~~ gosh thank you so much ^^

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