The Everyday Question

Jian Akiraceo Rant 23 Comments

There’s this question that is asked every single day…

where usually no one has the answer for it…

Lol.. it actually happened both during my university life and my working life also…

And sometimes it ends like this…




How I wish I’m in Kuching where I can just go back home for my meals…

(Yes, I’m homesick..)

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  1. poor thing XD kick them down at mamak den drive away eat at hotel lol~

    Reply: hahaha no no.. its kick them to hotel and i eat at mamak… 😀 no duit to eat in hotel lar..

  2. whee.. me in kuching now.. enjoying homecook.. and definitely the kolo mee, laksa, sio bee and what else?! just name it!

    Reply: wahh wahhhh.. don’t kek me ler…
    i wan kuey chap, kio chap, cha kueh, belacan bihoon, metahon, white lady, xiu kai yee, aloe vera, 3 suam, teh c peng, jagung peng, rojak, ang tao cheng luk..

  3. i hate to answer tha question too!!!!

    the other questions that i hate:

    where you want to go?
    what movie you want to watch? (unless i am the one asking them to teman me lah)
    where you want to lepak while waiting for the next class

    Reply: the others are still okay with me.. just eating is the problem XD

  4. Ah yes… I remember that question. Its the question that haunts us all students. Well, it was haunting during my college days

    Reply: that’s means now you don’t have problem with it d? how come?

  5. Lol the same old fashion that never fails to happen – not to decide eating place. Nevermind la miao, one month more you’re going back already. TAHAN DULU!!

    Reply: rawr~~~~~~ i want kolok meee

  6. You’ll never have this problem if you’re with Jason. 😀

    Reply: Sadly, we do XD
    hahaha we two dah almost habis korek all Malacca food d..XD
    maybe there are many more hidden 1 lor.. just duno where to find..

  7. Lolx.. That is so true!!!

    It happens all the time but the good news is im not the one driving.. Hehe..

    Reply: lol.. kesian the driver ler.. need to do all the hard work..

  8. Hmmm, funny, i think i must be one of those weird persons around, ahahaha usually i have no problem deciding where to go for lunch. Uni time and even now working time LOL…
    but dinner out with friends is totally different story.

    Reply: hahaha If i’m alone, I don’t have the problem hehe..
    Its just when makan with friends will faced this problem…

  9. omg we face the same prob everyday!!!!

    Hahaha.. everyone seems like facing the same problem.. Malaysia really lack of food ar? or we Malaysians are too demanding hahaha…

  10. Haha, this is so common, wakaka. Too much food stall until dono how to choose ba, XD

    Reply: Hahaha sometimes is too little till dunno where else to eat.. XD
    the best is there’s only one and we’re force to visit it..

  11. Merry Christmas Miao!

    Btw, if tak ada idea for lunch, just go tapao Mcd. lolx

    Reply: Miaory Christmas ^^
    Expensive ler.. tho we do visit McD once a while when we’re out of ideas.. hehehe

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