Jesus’s Birthday is Coming…

Jian Akiraceo Festive Season 14 Comments

Merry Christmas everyone ^^..

I know its not Christmas yet but I think many of you won’t be around during this festive season.

so here’s a early greetings from miao before you all went out for your celebration. 😀



Anyway, this year I only managed to finish only one wallpaper before Christmas..

a wallpaper for our Christian friends..

Its something about the angels forgetting Jesus Christ’s Birthday…



More wallpaper, avatar, emoticon will come on Christmas itself 🙂

Tell me what do you want to see in Miao’s Christmas Wallpaper?

Comments 14

  1. i wanna see cat with elf’s look with your hamster working at toy factory~~ or mayb Miao in the manger~

    Reply: Hahaha manager miao eh? XD the hamster for sure will do till die XD

  2. i wanna one wallpaper like the current theme of your blog and one wallpaper of hamsters celebrating X’Mas in front of fireplace.. and one wallpaper of X’Mas Patapon!

    is it possible to be released?

    Reply: Possible!!! ^^ But not today tho.. going out soon.. 😀

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