Christmas Eve Celebration at Portuguese Settlement

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Short notes: Sorry for the late updates, I was actually doing my Christmas Celebration Marathon and have been going out since Christmas Eve till now..



*Blink Blink~~*





From left to right: Leng zai, Leng Lui, Miao, Chick Ting and Chicken Jack.



I’m not sure if it is because of the economic crisis or not but the Fireworks is really really (speechless)… It was not as Grand as how I remember it was (few years ago) anymore… It was very disappointing actually, especially for my friends who came all the way from Kuching, KL and Penang squeezed themselves through the massive crowds, and suffered from the spraying of smelly oily moose alike fake snow just for a small “bang”.

*I just noticed I forgot to draw my reindeer horns and scarf in these last two strips… LOL*

So how did you celebrate your Christmas Eve?

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  1. Haha, maybe you lost the reindeer horns and scarf in the midst of the crowd. 😀

    I celebrated in the bus back to Ipoh ahahha.>_<

    Reply: haha so how’s your Xmas back in Ipoh?

  2. the chicks = the first impression came in my mind is some friend of Little Chick who are coming out from movie into reality….but its your friends….ooops lolz…

    lol…reindeer hat and scarf went missing…maybe santa claus came to take revenge….! be cautious! he can be popped out from somewhere anytime!

    Reply: Santa is revenging O.o omg… Ehh.. little chick? what movie is that ar?

  3. Hahaha, so funny the reaction draw for the firework one, wakakka XD

    Reply: our faces XD really show like that.. they didn’t put any fireworks like last time.. all the fireworks are from the nearby housing areas.. that’s why it wasn’t so grand..

  4. haha..
    i luv ur animation..
    super funny..
    seriously tat boring meh?
    i was ther b4 12 too..
    and i had fun playing snow spray..

    Reply: hahah Thank you thank you… Hahaha maybe because I have nothing to do there.. XD
    I really enjoyed watching people playing with the snows among their friends… but I really hate it when those people purposely went and spray other people they don’t know or anyone who was in front of them…

  5. 1 bang onli??

    i spend mine watching classic Christmas movies.

    Reply: haha its more than one bang but all the bangs are smalls..
    I think maybe because the stupid Melaka government postponed the celebration to 27th Dec.. that’s why there’s no big fireworks that day..

  6. I went to the curve for countdown party!

    Probably gonna do the same for new year eve as well. :p

    Reply: The curve.. woah.. sure its nice over there..I still have no idea what to do for my New Year Eve XD

  7. haha, so funny for the fireworks part, 1 bang only..hahah

    i spent my xmas in the flight and klia airport -_-”’

    Reply: Gosh.. it sure is very boring like that.. where did you go? My friend spent her xmas on flight too..

  8. wakakakaka… tahu tak pe.. luckily u mentioned.. if now, i wudnt have noticed anyway..wakakaka…

    i had mine at home with the family. i was supposed to work at the event, but i pulled out. anyway, how was the emcee, Dato Mahadzir Lokman? Good ma? lol..

    i just love your comics!! keep em comin yea 😛

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  10. Just found ur blog recently, was recommended by a friend. Wow, you do look like a miao. XD

    Hahaha welcome welcome 🙂
    Of course.. I’m miao what

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