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My two Chicken friends here is one funny little loving bird couple. During their visit in Melaka, they kept on psycho’ing me to get a girlfriend (which didn’t work at all ) and we even had this argue in the car on Career Vs Relationship XD.

Neither of us won the arguement since both sides were holding strong to their own believes. Neitherless, the two Birds still insist on psycho’ing me and they even sacrifice their closest friend’s happiness and introduced to me…







but I ate her up and won the fight.

P/S:  I didn’t ate their friend..I just draw this for fun XD

So, Career and Relationship.. which one comes first for you?

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  1. I had a good laugh with this, thanks XD

    For the last question, I’ll choose career because that’s just who I am~

    Reply: Hahaha ^^
    Yeah High Five!!! Same choice 😀

  2. sleepy and hungry =.=

    Reply: I was sleepy and hungry too when I post this last night.. XD but i was soo lazy to go out..I went for bed straight away XD

  3. Career is something which you work hard and you get the fruit of labour. Relationship is not likewise – you work hard and hope you’ll get the fruit. so, go for relationship if you’re adventurous, go for career if you’re a simple person 🙂 All the best ya~!

    Reply: Hahaha I’m a simple guy 😀 so career is the one to go..

  4. that happened on me also…but not my friends….its my MUM!! >_< she kept persisting me to get a GF…

    to me, career is the most important…without career, we will be moneyless…. and no permanent class status…. like my brother, he has gf but always dont have enough money… thats why he still hasn’t married yet despite dating with his gf for 7 yrs…. -_-lll

    i rather to have career than involve in relationship…until now, no girl can struck my heart with lightning bolt yet…. if she does, she will the first and last GF of mine! XD

    Reply: Yeah…that’s what I argue with my friends lor.. a career is important lor.. When everything is stable is never too late to get one… and when we have a family is more secure with a good career…
    I wish to give the best to my family and parents..

  5. haha..funny lar.. I think when “fate” comes ar.. you want to avoid also cannot lar. so no need to purposely go find one lar, just wait for the time to come..

    Reply: Yeah.. that’s what I’m telling my friends.. no need purposely go find 1 ma..

  6. hahahahaha u really pwned ur date ka? O_O

    but i think i will still choose career above relationships 😛

    Reply: Hahaha no lar.. didnt really pwned her.. we barely talks..

  7. hayo. this question so complicated, everyone has an answer for this. there is no right or wrong. you will eventually find ur answer when the time is right. haha..

    as for now.. i think drawing MORE miao comics DEFINITELY comes first!! LOL

    Reply: True True very very true~~ Drawing miao comes first wahahahha

  8. LOL funny comic but there’s the serious message behind, i like it!

    hmm….. must be kinda balance la, after working non-stop for decades, when u look at your life, u’ll find something missing, and when you only wanna find one that time, it might be a little too late, or lesser choices to choose from lol.

    if choose girl to career also jialat, guy cannot “eat soft rice” de. XD

    Reply: hahaha currently just piang career first lor.. Hahah when that time comes is the time my dad wanna hugs grandchild XD

  9. OMG. My PC is one of my BFF, her name’s Serena!
    Wtf wtf I sound so geeky!

    Career’s more important for me. But if can balance sikit loh. XD

    Reply: Woah you named them.. more geeky than me wahahaahah XD..

  10. I would like to choose career.
    plus I hope to travel around after I’ve got a stable job.
    but the problem is, sometimes things wont go smoothly.
    if i met with someone that I love, what should I do? Give up n continue with my career or try to be in a relationship? Hmm. hard to choose.

    Reply: Like what they all say..when fate comes.. wanna cabut also cannot..

  11. i choose meow~!

    hahaz.. jk jk.. I choose both la.. career and relationship.. comes in a package.. combo!! haha.. need to balance it up i think~~

    nya~~ HAppy New YEAr~~

    Reply: Hahhahaha….streamyx combo meh XD… comes with 1 year warranty lol

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  13. Well i do agree that career should comes first. But there is a saying kill two birds with one stone. So while pursuing your career if you did bum into a nice gal that u are fond and click then don’t mind to proceed to have gf rite? same goes here for getting a bf 🙂

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