Lowyat.net Blogger Gathering 2008

Jian Akiraceo Trip 24 Comments

We looked like a gang of mafias… young mafiasĀ  XD hahaha So what we did there? Basically… List of Bloggers/Webmasters Attended: 1. cassplayer guy http://www.k-tucky.blogspot.com 2. powerfox guy http://briandn.blogspot.com (who met us at Pikom) 3. dylanchan1688 guy http://www.neversatisfiedwithlife.blogspot.com 4. aaron1kee …

The day Miao robbed Santa Claus

Jian Akiraceo Festive Season 30 Comments

Hohoho…Old man Santa fall for the trap.. XD But… . . . Robbing an old man is not a good idea after all… Related posts:Belated Father’s Day to allPost Chinese New Year SymptomTypes of Mum vs Report Card

LYN Blogger Gathering 2008

Jian Akiraceo Announcement 10 Comments

Actually I am working on it these days..I drew a few ideas out d but just that I’m not satisfy on them…so ended up not posting them…and draw again… I’m sooo sorry keep all of you waiting.. which I really …