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Festive Season

Chinese New Year Wallpaper

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!!!!!

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Hohohohoh I’m so happy today because tonight Miao will be stepping his furry foot in Kuching !!!! Hohoho to make things worse, I haven’t pack yet and I’m leaving Melaka in 3 hours time Hohoho. Why? Because I wake up 7 in the morning to draw these for you guys.



Please go to the download page for downloads.

Download them here

Hope you guys like them.

See you guys in Kuching ^^


The Day She left Miao.

I bought a new shirt for myself during Christmas. Its not even a month since I bought it, and a bad thing happened when I washed the shirt with other shirts. The color of one of my clothes came off and stained the shirt @@ and I couldn’t get rid off it ever since. *Sob Sob*


Windy days in Melaka

Melaka have been very very windy these days. I don’t see any point to set my hairs at all  before I go anywhere as it will ended up messy again once I stepped out of my house.

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