YesMan Review: Omg..Ah Miao Fall In Love..

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OMG Blueeee Eyes!!!! cut!!

OMG so pretty!!!

OMG Blueeee Eyes!!!!




Hahaha…actually I went to watch YESMAN with my Chicken Friends after the met up on Christmas. And I just love the movie, its meaningful, funny and also beautiful (Zooey Dechanel *love love*). Seriously, I just went melting when I saw Zooey in the movie.

She’s actually weird/odd in real person just like how she is in the movie but I found her unique and adorable. I like weird people..

Here’s a short description what’s the story about. Don’t worry there’s no spoiler .


The story is about a guy (Jim Carrey) who always say No to any invitations and requests that was throw to him. He then changes his way of living by starting to say Yes and accept any invitations and requests there are available around him.

And because of this, his life actually changes…Β  To find out why and how it changes, go and watch the movie yourself. (Take noted: A lot of the scene is censored in the Malaysia cinemas.)

Personally, I found the movie inspirating. Its really true like what was told in the movie that by saying Yes to invitations and requests, we actually open doors to more possibilities and opportunities. Maybe we will meet someone special or even finding a door to our dreams~~ So I will always say YES from now on…

Okay, Not always…

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  1. alah.. blue eye.. pakai la contact lens!!

    looking forward to see catwoman.. hahaz..and i like the poster u drew.. huehuehue

    Reply: I’m afraid of wearing contact lens XD Chinese doesnt look good with blue eyes XD

  2. hahahahaha……no no no and finally YES!

    Now revert to yes yes yes and finally NOOO! That’s common in our world already! Hahaha…

    I think you are ready to live in fantasy since you never keen on anything in reality except for your SL camera, laptop and SAGA BLM… XD

    Reply: Actually, I’m not really keen on my Saga BLM.. XD
    my laptop yes, my camera yes.. and of course my cat miao hahaha

    and I have been living in my fantasy world everyday πŸ˜€ the real world is cruel wahahaha

  3. Haha, miao, may be when the sky timing, land timing, and human timing is match, u will meet ur love one liao.

    Reply: Hahaha.. can I don’t meet her in this couple of years.. XD trying to build my career..
    afraid I might just couldn’t concentrate..

  4. Miao~ say “yes” with getting me a brand new SE G900 as my handphone XD

    Reply: Yes… I will pass to you in your dream tonight.. or maybe I can draw 1 for you hahaha

  5. Lol damn funny lah u!
    I really thought you found yourself a gf. XD

    Reply: Some of my friends also thought that too XD.. and that’s was what I’m intended wakakaka XD

  6. will you draw me an avatar? pleaaasse? pretty pretty pleaseee??


    Reply: It will take some time.. as I need to do revamping on my theme.. as its still Xmas here LOL

  7. I watched it too. It’s really hilarious! Finally Jim Carey is back! Yes man is really one funny and yet motivating movie. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! =)

    Reply: Nice hoh.. very motivating ^^ and YESSSS to you too

  8. Awesome. I just came back from Yes Man movie late at night in the cinema. Jim Carrey is so hillarious. He is funny and made me laugh the entire movie. It is a fun to watch movie, his plot is pretty similiar to those in Liar Liar. Overall good one.

    Reply: I can’t really remembered how Liar Liar was.. ^^”

  9. hey…the movie still showing?
    Walao…U really siao ady…u forgot xuan xuan liaw…cannot like tat!!!

    Reply:Yup, still showing I think.. no ar I didn’t forget XD

  10. Eh, she looks kind of old abit eh? How old is she ah?

    Reply: She’s from 1980.. I think its around 29 years old lor.. hahaha same age as my 2nd sister XD

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