YesMan Review: Omg..Ah Miao Fall In Love..





OMG Blueeee Eyes!!!! cut!!

OMG so pretty!!!

OMG Blueeee Eyes!!!!




Hahaha…actually I went to watch YESMAN with my Chicken Friends after the met up on Christmas. And I just love the movie, its meaningful, funny and also beautiful (Zooey Dechanel *love love*). Seriously, I just went melting when I saw Zooey in the movie.

She’s actually weird/odd in real person just like how she is in the movie but I found her unique and adorable. I like weird people..

Here’s a short description what’s the story about. Don’t worry there’s no spoiler .


The story is about a guy (Jim Carrey) who always say No to any invitations and requests that was throw to him. He then changes his way of living by starting to say Yes and accept any invitations and requests there are available around him.

And because of this, his life actually changes…  To find out why and how it changes, go and watch the movie yourself. (Take noted: A lot of the scene is censored in the Malaysia cinemas.)

Personally, I found the movie inspirating. Its really true like what was told in the movie that by saying Yes to invitations and requests, we actually open doors to more possibilities and opportunities. Maybe we will meet someone special or even finding a door to our dreams~~ So I will always say YES from now on…

Okay, Not always…



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