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but Chick has some arguments on it…





I use to travel on a long distance and sometimes things can be so boring and sleepy with no one to talk to.  So usually I will switch on the radio and dance and sing in the car like a crazy cat to keep myself more energize.

Sometimes the drivers or passengers of other cars nearby will noticed and watched me with a “WTF” look. Hahaha… I think I’m really a crazy cat…

To avoid any misunderstanding, I was just nodding my head and body to the beat.




You don’t wanna know.


And here, our Chicken friends’ 4 days trips in Melaka and comic strips has come to an end.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the appearance of our Chickens these few days.

P/S: Take noted that EXAGGERATION is done here for the purpose of comic strip and an attempt of the mentioned action should not be done by any readers under any circumstances.

Comments 21

  1. haha…dancing while driving? can like hat arrr? dont u think is RECKLESS act? 😛

    Reply: I did it for the comic strip XD LOL.. hahaha joking joking. Actually I did not really dancing like how it is show in the comic strip.. Was just nodding my head the beat.. And my friend’s gf started to say me siao

  2. I think lotsa ppl do that. But to get the kick out of it, when driving I’ll look at my bro and say “look, no hands” and he start panicking XD

    Reply: Hahaha..see the part when the Chicken says “Its okay compare to what he do in Kuching”…So I did what you just did…

    I let go the wheel and start stretching my hands.

  3. YESS!! I noticed you danced when you’re driving, but to me it’s very common ba. Dancing won’t annoy me unless the person’s dancing is out of rhythm or to be simple, sucks ba.. hahaa

    Reply: Hahahaha…I do that when happy too.. not only when i’m bored/tired/alone 😀

  4. Don’t try to dance while driving. Meow able to do it because he is a stuntman from hollywood. Any one want to hire stunt man? hire meow . 😛

    Reply: Ya…don’t dance and drive.. Its a bad example.. I think I need to change this habit of mine d..

  5. hahah, lucky tat time in sarawak u not dancing, u drove us by singin onli~~ ur miao got more n more frens d~~ haha monkey, hamsters, chicken ….. veli funny!
    not bad la jia you n all d best in 2009 la~~

    MIAO ROCKS!!! hahaha~~~

    Reply: Hahaha thank you.. that time I don’t have english channel on my radio lol

  6. I think you should be banned from KL traffic seriously XD
    I wanna know what you did while driving in Kuching!!

    Reply: Seriously I don’t dare to drive in KL… the drivers there are more scary…
    Here I actually move my body and head..
    and in Kuching, i actually let go of the wheel.. and stretch my hands to release the stress on my arms..

  7. i wonder how do u dance in the car? haha….if i’m just beside u on the road,i’ll definately stare at u! haha…*show me how u dance* ;P

    Reply: Hahaha…you just come down melaka.. and if you happen to see a white proton saga.. shaking over there when waiting for the traffic light.. that’s me..

    p/s: i do it in the night only..

  8. walaoeh miao…. talk about this, can be an inspiration to make animation for ur miao dance! hahah….
    just like the one for Madagascar 2, i like it!

    Reply: The move it move it classic 70s’ style dance 😀

  9. -_-”’ normally ppl sing / dance when they r alone bcoz they r bored n no one to talk to, but in ur case, u hav frens wif u, u also do like tat o? no wonder they show wtf face… hahaha

    Reply: Hehe i do it when i’m excited or too happy also 😀

  10. Then if like dat, I think Yung is a safer driver. Lol.

    Reply: Hahaha… I must admit I’m not a fast driver but I’m also not a safe driver..
    Everyone is afraid of sitting in my car hohoho

  11. teehee.. tot u really dance with both hand in the air.. and i guess u’ll use ur “special” cat “finger” to move the sterling from the bottom heh?!!


    dont tell me u shuffle while driving in kuching..

    Reply: I use my tail hahahaha XD
    I don’t do shuffling.. I do gliding Hehe 😀

  12. Hahaha.. Good good!. Living up to your own expectation. Don’t really need to care what other people think as long as you know what you wan.

    Keep up the dance! ^.^

    Reply: Hehehe Thank dance~~

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