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Today is a big day for my eldest sister and my family as my eldest sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy this afternoon!!! Hooray!!!Yipple!!! *open champagne*

A big gratz to my eldest sister for her first born child and my second sister to become auntie :D.

Our eldest sister is a very very very good sister, so good that she almost like a second mum to us, she took care and brought up the three of us (me and my two other sisters). And now she’s having her first boy, I bet she gonna be a great mum.

Anyway, I just can’t wait to go back Kuching~~~ 😀

Yes, cute kitties eventually turn into  naughty monkeys someday…

(The other two monkeys behind are my second elder sister’s children. Read Here.)

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  1. wow… u become uncle d…. wow very young to be uncle…wakakaka

    if you were me, i dont mind having monkeys…they are such cuute ^^

    later monkeys will ask u for angpow angpow..oh ya, u owe me 1 angpow 😛

    Hahahhaa they are cute.. and naughty at the same time..
    I usually don’t have the stamina to play with them..they don’t seems to be tired 1..
    the more they play, the more energetic they become …XD lol

    Cannot give also hahaha coz i haven’t married 😀

  2. kitties will grow up to be monkeys??
    hmm…my biology teacher must’ve lied to me about kitties then!

    congratulations to your sis! 🙂

    Reply: Hahaha what your biology teacher read is from the books XD
    the reality is sooo different!!

  3. i think you’re going to be a good dad someday.. given all these trainings~~ haha~~

    Reply: I don’t think I am..
    I usually can’t tahan 1.. hahahaha
    and just throw them to sleep in the end..

  4. can’t wait to see lil baby monkey’pics! 😀

    p/s: i think kids are the cutest at 1-2 year old…before they start running real fast. lol.

    Reply: Yeah that’s the time they turned into monkeys hahaha

  5. ooo omedetou! know how it feels… but sometimes when they are guai they are so fun 😀

    Reply: Hahaha Sometimes they’re cute.. but sometimes.. they’re just…. kids..
    hahahaha really hard to make them undestands.. why something is a Nono..

  6. its good uncle miao, so u wont be bored during cny! hahaha…. so when r u going to draw ur own kitties? hahaha

    Reply: Hahaha…XD its still okay.. I’m not staying with them XD
    Ermmmm how about 10 years later? 😛

  7. Yes, I do agree with you. Somehow, they have unlimited supply of energy.

    Reply: Yalo yalo.. really dunno where their energy came from..
    Its seems like the older you get the less energy you have..

  8. ah gu~~

    haha.. sounds like u are in another episode of trouble soon..

    well.. i know how u feel.. cause i baby sit my nephew and niece for almost like 1month plus during my this holiday.. that explained how busy i am..

    anyway.. gratz to ur sis for the healthy baby.. and gratz for u to become an uncle..

    time to find catwoman liao lei weii..

    when u wanna jadi papa miao?

    Reply: Really tired hoh xD
    No lor.. not the time.. its stilll sooooo early and young..
    Papa? erm 10 years later lo XD

  9. congratz ya ….
    Uncle Miao and ur sis ~

    Play v those kids r still ok
    But feeding them , oh my god !! Pengsan….

    P/S: I use to warning those kids dun call me auntie ! XP

    Reply: depend wat you wanna feed them with..
    if its snacks.. easy XD they will eat them themselves XD

  10. hahahaha…congrate congrate…Call u jiu jiu still ok laa….jaff said his nephew call him “su su,su su”…until his “sai loi” oso “suk”…hahaha

    Reply: jiu jiu and su su is the same 1 ma.. just one is the brother’s son and another 1 is sister’s son =.=

  11. chanced upon your site through Malacca Bloggers 🙂
    congrats to your sis!
    and u for becoming jiu jiu
    i think i will have years to wait before becoming yiyi…

    Reply: Woah welcome welcome ^^
    Hahaha things are unpredictable..I was jiu jiu when I was 18 😐

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