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  1. kasian.. it happened to me like all time..

    so.. ya.. separate all dark colors and bright color.. and white with white only.. or make sure those color wont came off..



    Reply: Woahh you replied fast XD
    Now I learned my lesson.. never wash them together..
    I still have no idea.. where’s the color came off from XD hahaha..

  2. btw, how do u knw ur shirt is a she? ehmmmmmm
    u wearing gal’s shirt?

    Reply: Hahahaha.. usually I categories items as a female 😀
    and it will be weird if I say He left miao.. 😛

  3. ehmmm if u say He left miao
    i think readers will be like “OH! MIAO IS ACTUALLY GH*Y”
    haha.. then it will puzzle them. ehmmm i think it will attract readers also. heh

    Hmm come to think of it.. you’re right!!
    Hohohoh but its kinda too late.. I had submitted my post to Petalingstreet etc.. with this title jor..@@

  4. eh it happened to me few times also..

    now i usually separate my newly bought clothes to test whether the color will come off or not before i wash it with others..

    Reply: Yalo yalo..
    I got test wash the shirt first too..

  5. awww.. poor cat wtf. haha happen to me all the time especially on my fave clothes!!! but then i pujuk myself by telling there must be some reason for that to happen which is GIVING ME PERMISSION TO GO SHOPPING! 😛

    Reply: Hahahaha…then I know what the reason for this d.. It wanted to let me know that buying shirt is waste of money XD should go buy lens Wahahahah

  6. Eh last time my baju also macam ini; but then hor; when I bring back to my mommy to wash; walah~ Cantik back.

    Let me ask what she use tmr 😀

    Reply: Wahhhh pro.. *salute your mum* 😀

  7. alah XD kekekekek I sometimes also kena. But this time, everytime I got new shirt, I check first if the color with mix up. If safe, then wash together, if not, put it aside, erm, even that day, I sort of mix it with red. Now my white shirt turn pink @_@

    Reply: aiks.. pink shirt @@
    hahaha i have decided i will only buy 1 color shirt XD

  8. wash it for another round? 😛 see can get an even dye or not hehe

    Reply: Yeah i did that and manage to save 1 of the clothes.. but i couldn’t save my new clothes sob sob

  9. lol
    i thought u just break up with gf =.=

    one of t-shirt also faced da same fate as yours ;(

    Reply: Hahaha no lor.. its impossible 😀 because I don’t have one
    gosh you too! new shirt izzit?

  10. haha, try to make more stain on the clothes then you can have a rainbow baju to wear. :p ok ok , joking..

    Reply: hahaha then it will be a Miao’s Design 😀
    can sell for some money too hahaha

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