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  1. wAh you draw comic one hia? So nice and cute le. can draw for my header ka? hehehe…. Happy Niu Year to you =))

    Reply: Hehe thank you ^^
    Happy New Year to you too 🙂

  2. whoa.. that’s a special thing.. *i guess* gulps..

    haha.. well.. those “not-so-best” thing that u done are actually few of the goodest part i like..

    Reply: Hahahaa all those not so best used to be my best stuff to do in CNY.. XD

  3. why Miao always get bullied by hamsters one?

    you should setup some mousetraps :p

    Reply: Hahaha because Miao easy to be bully..
    Where can setup since they’re my beloved pets 😀

  4. yeah man, no need to worry just relax !!!
    Too bad be no astro, or else lagi syok… can watch Aussie Open !!!!

    Reply: Hohoho I give you my astro, you also cant watch 😀 since I don’t have the channel..
    My family don’t watch sports..

  5. hehe.. yes i do agree…relaxing without worrying about worrk is the best… but i only had 4 days off =(

    the best thing during CNY is a lot of snacks…. i never can finish eating them XD… and less annoying friend coming to my house =D… i am lazy to serve them…

    the non-best thing during CNY is my lack of angpow… =( nah u still owe me angpow XD and no astro…my family objected against getting astro on my home =(

    u got many angpow boh?

    Reply: two extra ang pows this year lor since my eldest sis got married ma 😀

    Yeah, there’re so many cakes and snacks XD to eat for free (at friends’ house) wahahaha..just hope they don’t banned me from going over next Chinese new year XD

  6. to me, da best thing about CNY is
    getting lotsa angpaos
    getting to see lotsa realtives from outstations
    getting to mum lotsa cookies 😀
    and da bad thing about CNY is
    getting fat 🙁

    Reply: Nvm.. getting fat after CNY is okay XD as finish with the visiting d XD

  7. hahaha.. totally agree wit u miao. no need 2 woory bout work & relax all day. & best of all, i dun gain weight even i eat lots of cny cookies. muahahaha XD

    Reply: Hahaha won’t gain weight ar so good.. how about sorethroat.. as CNY snacks are usually very heaty..

  8. I slept most of the time during CNY. Hehe.

    Reply: Yeah sleeping is one of the best part as well.. sleep as you like without worry to get up for work or anything xD

  9. Happy Belated Chinese New Year! I really do love your website so much. Want to add eachother to blogroll?

    Reply: woahhh thank you ^^ and sure thing.. I will go add you now 🙂

  10. LOL I thought the best thing was getting angpaus, especially from just-married couples! HAAHAHHA!

    Btw you should gain weight what XD

    Reply: I stopped getting ang pows from visits ever since I’m in secondary school.. the only ang pows I have is from my grands and my parents.. and now from my married siblings.. nothing more..

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