The Death Call

Jian Akiraceo Ofix 19 Comments

I’m starting to afraid of my phone d especially when it starts to ring as 90% of them are from the company @@ with bad news..

More calls, more problems, more stuffs for me to solve, more tired I am… and eventually shorter the comic strip goes before I collapsed on my bed..

P/S: Sorry for not taking any request at the moment as I’m full of pending tasks.. But if you need guidance IĀ  can still be able to help šŸ™‚

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  1. yeah i agree, during certain times, its reli scary if my phone rang too especially getting calls regarding cc payment. It will just pull down my mood straight away.

    CC payment? what’s that? usually I will go .. “what again” when the phone rings

  2. OMG I feel exactly the same way too !!!!!

    Reply: Hahaha I think most of the working people faced the problem..
    For those who are still study.. phone calls are good.. coz usually are trips, activities, dates or appointments.. hahaha

  3. eh not all phone calls during studies are good wan. i even gotten myself a second private number so that i can rest in peace wtf.

    Reply: Hahaha annoying calls from your admirers eh? šŸ˜›

  4. luckily i dont hear…back to my work time in previous work, i really hate when they send me a sms asking about work while i was on holiday…it ruined my holiday mood!!! to me, holiday is holiday, work is work… >.<

    in that case, you should have Death Note to curse them to death.. XD then u no need bother about work anymore…hehehehe

    Reply: Hahaha I hate it when people ask me about how’s work when I having a holiday relaxing hahahaha XD

    Cannot ler.. Later who gonna pay me my salary XD

  5. LOL. u know u could always turn it off? XD

    Reply: Hahaha I can’t.. it will be irresponsible.. I will be in deeper problem if I didn’t answer XD
    Though there’s time I forgot to bring my handphone with me

  6. Haha, who ask u to be so naughty. so must scared you xD

    I have no calls leh

    Reply: Hahaha wait till you graduated and work XD
    No calls meh? Your GF didn’t call you ar..?

  7. Wow, now you feel the heat. LOL…Been thru that since 2 years ago and i even felt like throwing my phone away for good. Now, a piece of advice : Just tell every single person you dont have a phone šŸ˜›

    Reply: Hahaha It won’t help..
    Everyone in the company has a Telephone list of everyone in the office with speed dials somemore hahaha

  8. Hahah! But at least the bad news isn’t that you’re being fired okay!
    *touchwood touchwood* joking!

    *throws handphone away*

    Reply: True also hahaha
    at least I still can feed my hamsters..

  9. wahkakaz.. bbq cat.. anyone?

    hahaz.. well.. let’s pray together for no phone.. *Cross finger*

    Reply: Hahaha
    Let’s pray there’s will not be that many calls in the coming week šŸ˜€

  10. whooooo..i experience this too!! until i so desperate, i put my phone to silent mode so i wont hear anything. or sometimes, just turn off the phone. but then, it won’t really be a responsible thing to do lah, if it’s really an urgent problem.

    …well, this is working life, no?

    hang in there!!

    Reply: Yeah, sometimes feel to do so.. but don’t dare to.. as I need to face the incoming problem sooner or later 1 XD

    Hahaha look at the bright side, these problems make you appreciate holidays and free time more XD

  11. hahaha… i also very scare my phone ring ar… very scary eh! especially it rings during weekend or nite time!

    Reply: Lucky my company is not working during weekends so no phone calls during weekends:D

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