Happy Chap Goh Mei

Jian Akiraceo Trip 19 Comments


Anyway, these are some of the photos I managed to take..

Took this on my way to the temple.. I set up my tripod in the car and shoot this.

Reach there around 9:30pm, 1 and half hour later than we scheduled to arrive.

The only group photo I managed to take and it wasn’t a complete either as only part of the group was in the photo. By the way, noticed the guy on the most right? He’s the one who found out my blog and the girl in pink is the one I spilled my Milo on.

Anyway, here is my favorite shot of the night, a short of the light tube focused in front and my colleagues and the line of lights in the background.

One lit candle equals to one hope and wish. Its a good thing to see people are full of hopes and wishes.

Oyah, today marks the end of Gong Xi Gong Xi Edition :).

Tomorrow wil be a new edition and a new theme. Come back tomorrow to see what it is. ^^

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  1. instead of mandarin oranges, i saw a lot of miao’s clones floating everywhere….. i guess miao gave spreadaway luck to us…

    girl in pink? she seems wearing grayish brown more than pink….

    some photos are very awesome…i love them =D

    Reply: Hahahaha Kagebunshins 😛

    Its actually pale pink.. the yellow light made it looked like brown XD

    And thanks ^^ I still have much to learn..

  2. so.. how’s ur partner??

    *searching for miao’s mandarins..*

    hahaz.. well.. hope to catch miao woman on action this valentines then.. haha..

    Reply: What partner?
    Hahaha no need to search since I didn’t throw also 😛
    Hopefully not XD wahaha

  3. OMG>…… Super Kawaii blog……
    kawaii kawaii kawaii!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

    lol happy chap goh meh.. im going to throw durian instead of mandarin orange LOL

    Reply: You sure is rich since durian is so expensive @@

  4. i like this post! nice shots…^^ happy chap goh meh!! Wish u can find ur true love today ! hahah

    Hahaha thank you ^^
    And the wish you can keep it for yourself hahahaha XD
    I don’t want it 😛

  5. very nice photos there. wow, you’re not only talented in the graphics, but also in taking good pics 🙂

    Reply: no lar, i’m still learning.. and have more to learn..

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