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Jian Akiraceo Festive Season 17 Comments

Tada!!! My New Template for Valentine.

Cupid Hamsters and Cupid Miao is going to do some hunting and shooting 😀

So how do you guys think about the new theme? Like it?

(P/S: Best view in Firefox, as in IE I have some problem getting the footer right. Will fix it tomorrow.)

As usual, I made wallpapers for the theme. You can download them from HERE.

Comments 17

  1. aiyoo..not enough… try to make miao and hammy to be bigger than blue stripe background…coz the contrast of blue stripes is too strong then the miao and the hamsters…

    Reply: I have made a larger 1..^^
    Try see izzit still small or not..

  2. OMGGGGGG Cat cupid monster !!! RUUUNNN !!!
    ahahhaa just kidding… very nice theme weiii…… im so into the stripes of baby blue.

    Reply: *Shoots Robin with arrows* hahaha
    Best view in Firefox ler.. the sidebars are in semitransparent box 😀

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