Boring on Valentine.

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Hahaha so bored that we messaging instead of ask directly.



Oh ya, we went for Valkyrie yesterday.


The story based on a true story about an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hilter and take over the German Government from his evil hand.

The story was so-so but at least its better than yawning at home. This week has been a boring week, so boring that I went to the cinema three times.

Hahaha maybe I went outings too much previously that it makes me feel boring if I’m didn’t go out.

This is how my Valentine went.. how’s yours?

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  1. mine is very definitely boring 1… have to work whole day…only back to home at late evening….. this year i seldom to cinema….expect i went to cinema on the first day of CNY XD

    Reply: Wahhh chiak lak! work whole day @@
    LOL.. first day of CNY.. you went and watch what?

  2. CLF : Actually, I don’t know what is it. It looks more like a monster with a pointed head.

    Reply: Hahaha my failed attempt to change a polar bear into a panda bear XD

  3. getting a gf shall end all your boring life~ mwahahaahahah XD

    Reply: No thanks..
    getting a gf is getting more trouble XD..
    boring life can be solved by hang out with my buddies..

  4. oh ya, speaking which of jason being bear, miao still owe me a story…you said you will let me know why jason is called bear…! when will that day be?

    Reply: HAhaha its easy.. he looks one 😀

  5. hahah.. you even had a Miao version of Hitler!!! gila lar you!! haha

    (owh, i cant wait to see you Miao version of Darth Vader.. wakakakaka)

    really SO bored meh? i think its time you roam away from you play pen and woo some of your feline friends!! XD

    Reply: Hahahaha Adolf Miao Hitler XD
    No events ma, then no outings also.. so boring lor XD

  6. damn i tot it was a good movie when i heard it on radio.

    i got free movie tics to benjamin button tht night, it was a freaking long movie and i was yawning non stop. lol

    Reply: Depends on individual lor, I personally find it so-so only.. nothing to shout about XD
    prefer Australlia more.. but then there’s a scene in Valkyrie keeps me thinking of..

  7. it DOES look like jason. in a way. HAHAHAHA.

    wey you two working at the same place ka?

    Reply: HAhahaha maybe i should make him rounder 😀 more alike
    nope.. we just happen to stay in the same state 😀

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