Monday is Not MiaoDay

Jian Akiraceo Rant 19 Comments

I left my keys in the bedroom and got myself locked out. Lucky my house’s owner is kind enough to come all the way from his workplace just to save me, but then I still arrived late at work.

Woke up so early but end up late. I think its destined for me not to wake up early. Hahaha…So tomorrow I’m so gonna sleep till last minute wahahahahaha….

Some more I’m feeling sick right now.. having a bit of fever..

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  1. Haha your story is familiar….maybe in movies!~

    and again, its monday blues as usual! everyone will be blurry when it comes to monday XD

    Reply: Hahaha..I’m blur almost everyday XD

  2. happened to me all the time in egypt in my first year. then i made a copy and put it together with my necklce XD

    Reply: Necklace O.o woahh its gonna be a big pendant then XD

  3. hahaha last time u know, during my last sem in U, it was my final exam, and OMG i left my exam slip in the room, and my keys also in the room! in the end, i broke the lock vigorously and desperately to get my exam slip out asap. lol. since then, i always keep a spare key hidden in the living room or somewhere

    Reply: Wahhhh.. you straight kick the door opened eh?
    Got a friend told me.. to use a hammer and a screwdriver and hit the middle of the lock hard…
    it will bounce off..and the lock can be removed easily without damaging the door

  4. Hi miao! I’ve read alot about you around the blog networks and came to your blog today from mike’s link.

    Just wanted to say that I like the way you designed your blog and how you make your blog posts. Very creative and impressive! hehe
    keep up the good work yo 😉

    Reply: Read about me a lot..gosh I didn’t know I was around the blog networks so much..

    By the way, Thank you a lot for visiting ^^

  5. haha, last time i also left my house key in my room and the room is locked! and most important is i dont hav any spare key for my room! have to break the lock n get the keys. i learned to keep a spare key in my wallet now…

    Reply:I think I need to go make a spare key too.. since I kept on forgetting…

  6. Aww, I hate forgetting keys! Change the lock to combination lock.. LoL unless you forget the combination then erm.. erm.. I also duno ady… LOL!

    Reply: Hahaha.. its a door lock.. wor

  7. i still remembered this, few years back, i just started a new job in KL. It was only the 3rd day and i have to call in and said i’ll be late for work.

    what’s the reason? when i almost arrived at my office, my housemate called me and said he’s stuck between the main door and the grill (apartment) and he left the keys inside the house!!

    so i have to drive all the way from KL back to Puchong just to save him!!

    Reply: @@ omg.. you should ask him treat you to a good meal for it

  8. i didnt kick the door not that powderful. i hit the lock with hammer, and the lock became sot sot dei in the end n spoilt. hhee

    Reply: lol XD my friend broke his door lock before too.. but it didnt went sot sot but the whole lock came off.. leaving a hole in the door XD hahaha

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