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Yes, she’s from my dream. Last night I dunno why I have this sweet dream of this sweet girl who ask me out for a boat ride. Usually, if I went for a boat ride, I will be very afraid and nervous as I’m afraid of water but in the dream I was very happy and enjoying every minute, so obviously its a dream. LOL

Anyway, I still remember she is a pretty girl with a long silky black hair half tied to my favorite style. She’s quite talkative and even told me that she like drawings too.. I listened to her most of the time..and when i was just about to say something, I suddenly wake up from sleep without no reason!! My hamsters were such a good boys yesterday, and didn’t made any sound


Tonight, I am soooo gonnaΒ  sleep earlier and continue my sweet dream back!! Hopefully

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  1. LOL, that’s cute. U want same dream all over again har?

    Reply: Too bad.. it didn’t happen..
    Last night is about rain, tsunami and my dad behind a conspiracy XD

  2. Haha..sweet dream! One day, you will get the future gf like your dream girl? πŸ˜€ You believe it or not? πŸ˜›

    Reply: No wor.. it wasn’t my first dream of such kind XD and none of them came tru..
    tho other dreams do came true..

  3. somehow this might be indicating that soon you’ll find the girl in ur dream.. XD
    good luck!

    Reply: I dreamed a lot of girls before.. I have never met any of them … (as far as I can remembered) XD

  4. Wow… dream girl… ahaha… career first only woman… what if by then… the girl of ur dreams marry someone else alr? then very cham lor? ehem… and i also cannot swim… confirm alr, all cats can’t swim… i tried but alwiz sink to the bottom…

    Hahaha its a dream girl, if she’s married then married lor.
    Nothing also XD..

    Not all cats can’t swim.. there are some that can

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  6. haha.. Its free to dream..
    dont wake up, go get asleep..

    be sure that yar not talking while asleep wahahah.. sucks!

    Hahahaha unless I’m saying some numbers XD

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