Hamster on Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge

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Hamster Blogging TAKE 2

That’s right, Castrol is coming out with their new product, the Castrol Edge Sport Engine oil.

You can read more about the product here.

This post is actually about this contest with the new Castrol product release.

So what’s this contest about? Its actually a guessing contest, whereby you will try to guess the time 4 different teams (Hot Chicks, the Geeks, Sweet&Young Things and the Pros) took to actually change a engine oil of a car.

Promo Videos of each team as below will be showing out every week for you to view and guess.

The top winners who got the closest guessing time for each team will win the prizes from a 37′ LCD TV, PS3, Ipod to Sony Walkmans!!! How cool is that.

Click here for more information.








Moral of the day: Never ever let your Hamsters touch your car.

Comments 15

  1. eh miao.. can you pls shaddupp ah!!!! DAM FUNNY WEI THE LAST PIC!!! wahahahaha…

    say sick, on MC, but then, blog post like so GENG like tht wan.. OMG OMG>>

    haaa… caya lah this post! you can win wan.. just believe you can!! wahaha…

    btw, got any nice buttons i can use to promo u at my blog ah? XD

    Reply: Hahahah i shaddup d… its my hamsters.. not me 😀
    By the way, you can use the Fansee button on my sidebar there… I will update the button image link occasionally.. then those who use the button will have their image change automatically when i update the image.. 😀

  2. wow your hamsters are so geng until your car kena disassemble pulak! “bow to hamster – hoping they become my master” XD

    ssshhh, bloggers, please dont take example of me being bad boy 😛

    Reply: Hahaha they are masters of everything xD

  3. haha.. hamsters blog 4 miao. ahaha

    oh,oh i think tats Cindy Tey in dat video.:P

    there goes ur car miao. ROFL

    Reply: Yeah it is her ^^
    sob sob.. my car~~

  4. Yay this must be the longest post in new blog ever!
    hahha and it’s written by your hamsters!

    Reply: Hahaha I think so..
    My friend keep complaining my long posts.. and now I came out with something much longer LOL

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