The Hamsters Behind the Hamsters, WafuPafu.

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For those who followed me from my old blog or read my About page, you should know that Miao actually represents me and the hamsters in fact really represent my two bloody naughty Roborovski Pet Hamsters.

It happened to be a “present” from my ex housemate who went to Singapore for work and couldn’t bring them along.

Anyway, here are the culprits behind WafuPafu, the two famous hamster of

They two are like brothers.

There are times they spent their moments together.

And there are times when they went their own seperate ways.

But no matter how the day is, they will end up sleeping together.




That’s all for this post, no comics today :). Just wanna show you guys Wafu and Pafu.

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  1. lol. i think yr drawing hamster is much cuter than the real one 😛

    Reply: Hahahaha don’t let the hamsters hear this.. or else they will be heart broken

  2. humz humz.. but when they pee pee.. it’s so smelly..~

    Reply: Roborovskis are not as smelly as Syrians. Basically you can smell the robo’s pee or poo.. unless you go and sniff the tank.

  3. cute!! but they look like they bite. do they? i phobia lar.. hahahahaz! XD

    Reply: Robos are very protective 1.. they do bite.. but then only Wafu bites, Pafu is more friendly.


    but how come drawing ones are brown but real ones are grey?!

    Reply: They use to be brownish.. now more to greyish brown

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  8. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they are even cuter than the drawings… Are they nice to touch?

    Very nice but Roborovski hamsters don’t like people to touch them.

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