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  1. OMG, no idea leh? write your current dream or nightmare..or what you have encountered in your life? 😛

    or just make stories up to be full of crap, nonsense and sh*t! haha XD

    Reply: Recently couldn’t get a good nice dream.. i miss “tat dream” hahaaha

  2. haha…i also face same problem as you! xD
    nothing to blog about…

    Reply: Hehe.. writer’s block ma.. sometimes will like this 1

  3. ahahaa writers block…
    dun force the idea, it will come by itself one.
    when it comes, record them properly ahahahah…
    write bout… love !!!

    Reply: I’m a cold-hearted cat wor.. XD no love to write about XD hahha

  4. adui.. draw me la.. wats so hard to draw hairy rite?! lol..

    but u written something liao wat..

    Reply: hahaah draw a hairy monster XD with hairs only hahaha

  5. god must have heard your prayers for inspiration. because he sent me here to comment to tell you that you are tagged 😛

    wtf damn corny my comment XD

    Reply: Wahhh a tag.. usually i don’t do tag wan wor.. but nvm i will do it.. maybe in FB.. 😀 Let you know how it turns out..

  6. contest? means got free gifts la? *shiny big eyes*

    Reply: Hmmm maybe i should do more contest.. maybe can get miao and Wafupafu exposed more to the world.. 😀

  7. An empty page, LOL! I think this is the most obvious symptom of an old blogger. XD

    Reply: Hahaha if not mistaken I think my anniversary is coming soon 😀
    Two years of blogging.. not too long not too short either XD

  8. Haha, miao, dun worry. dun force it. your idea will come de. =)
    let it naturally.

    Reply: I think I need to sleep more.. usually the ideas come from my dreams 😀

  9. miao miao ah~ go update your dreamgirl~ hehehheehe dun tell me she only see her once in your dream gua?

    so free help me make banner xD~ gan ji bu jin~

    Reply: Its a once in a blue moon thingy.. i wish the dream girl can show up again too XD hahahaha

  10. nya~~? make sure it’s hair not fur ya! hahaz..

    bah bah.. sure miao got something to draw liao.. *stay tune*

    Reply: Hahahahaha yes its hair.. but there’s so many types of hair..

  11. Is like when you have tons to say few days ago,but when you finally have time to do it..

    you lost the feelings to write anymore..

    Reply: Yeah.. sometimes I just forgot what I have planned to draw about..

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