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  1. lol…
    i enjoy my ringtone too that i took so looong to pick up da phone
    that why i always get scolded by friends …:(

    Reply: Hahahaha.. you also do that eh XD

  2. wah, what a smart, cunning and wicked way to avoid from Death Calls XD!

    I wanna follow your idea but….I cant hear T_________T

    Reply: Hahaha Not avoiding but delaying XD LOL…
    Opps.. sorry about that..

  3. LOL…
    oh ya why don put caller ringtone for let colleague enjoy the caller ringtone when he/she call you XD

    Reply: Need to pay 1 right? I will put something awful XD so that they will hang up

  4. ya lor.
    sometimes i wait a while before picking up the phone as my ringtone is not so long… just to listen to my ringtone…
    i put patapon’s song for both call and message..

    Reply: I use to use patapon song until I started to afraid of it..
    The death calls make me phobia of it.. now I use something more relaxing hahaha

  5. lolx….
    i did that too…
    just 4 da sake of enjoying my ringtone..
    n tell me bout my college.. they had the hell and nag me bout it…

    come do together.. what song you put le?
    i put erm dont laugh, mei you ru guo- fish leong

    Reply: hahaha i put “Iron and Wine – Such Great Heights”

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  7. what song lai de o.o! share share~

    Reply: Iron and Wine – Such Great Heights.. its soft and slow which is also part of reason i pick up the phone slow

  8. my current ringtone is supermario, i will let it ring for some time before i pick it up. hhehehe

    Reply: Hahaha which supermario song? the main theme ?

  9. wu~~ haha.. u shud put caller tune also mah.. so ur colleague enjoy listening to the song without realising his credit going to abis..

    Reply: Their credits will be deduct 1 meh?

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