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  1. did someone provoke you until that level? hehehe

    but still not worth in the end lor XD if i am angry, i rather to play a game to release my anger….

    Reply: Just can’t stand people who can’t talk slowly ..

  2. No point venting your angry by trashing your stuff in the house. Instead, trash those who made you angry 😛

    As for me, I rather eat or sleep or be alone when I’m angry… 😀

    Reply: Hahaha I use to release my anger on games xD and kills anyone inside (playing Counter Strike) but no more..

  3. go play patapon and cool yourself down…
    but make sure dont play those hard de level, cos if you lost, you will probably throw away your psp…
    but if you do so, make sure throw it to pahang, my house!

    Reply: Hahaah yalor.. sometimes play PSP will go nuts also wan..
    wahh throw your house ar..don’t want 😛

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