Cleaning up my room for the Chickens

Jian Akiraceo Room 23 Comments

Seriously, I really thought the Chickens (1, 2, 3, 4) are coming over and stay at my place, so I cleaned up my room in the middle of the night for the whole hour (clean WafuPafu’s room too) so that they won’t feel uneasy with the messiness.

But turned out they didn’t stay at my place.. *heart broken*

Comments 23

  1. u go to them and ask them to pay with their blood coz you have wasted your whole nite cleaning cleaning and over…. u become death phantom…wakakaka

    Reply: Hahahah nevermind.. it actually makes me clean my room LOL

  2. hahahahahaha maybe they have bad memories with ur room in the previous visit? *joking* glad to see ur blog have new colour scheme! it looks good!

    Reply: Meobi~~~ I’m addicted to Natsume Yunjinshu ler~~~ XD

    Hmm.. I have a bad memory ler.. they threw my pillow away but then giving me a new 1.. but without my scent 1.. XD

    Hahaha I’m changing my template soon lur.. 😀

  3. Hhhmmm…
    Then bring those chickens for some chicken ball rice!
    Make them eat their own kind…
    I know I’m evil…

    Reply: Hahaha I did bring them for Chicken Rice Balls XD
    I’m evil too Wahaha

  4. LOL..think positive don’t dissapointed.. at least you clean your room ma..

    Reply: Hahaha true XD
    if not I also not sure when i gonna clean my room up XD

  5. it’s only at times when i have visitors coming over that i start to clean my room..

    it’s a hassle but it’s a perfect excuse [reason] to clean up the room 😛

    Reply: hahaha and when I thought there’s no excuses needed for cleaning up. XD

  6. i like the chicken cartoon.Especially ‘The white one’

    Reply: Hahaha the white Chicken character eh..that’s JAck 😀

  7. Ow! That’s a really sad thing. I love leaving my room messy and clean it up once and for all (on special occasion) then leave it really messy again.

    Reply: Hahaha usually the period for it to stay tidy is very short XD

  8. i also like that one ma..
    clean the house only when people wanna come..
    and make sure to call b4 coming..
    otherwise im so gonna bite them off

    Reply: I thought you will go electrify them instead haha

  9. Me going Malacca soon Again ….
    Next Week ….
    Going jadi Malacca Kaki ody , lolx

    Reply: Woah coming over again eh..
    Malacca Kaki? What does that means?

  10. got room for hairy?

    hahaz.. omg.. dont be disappointed.. i’ll go if they dont go.. i believe miao’s house will feel like Kuching..

    Whoa.. Home sweet home.. teehee..

    Reply: Hahaha
    My house is nothing like Kuching. How I wish it to be.

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