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  1. u go to them and ask them to pay with their blood coz you have wasted your whole nite cleaning cleaning and over…. u become death phantom…wakakaka

    Reply: Hahahah nevermind.. it actually makes me clean my room LOL

  2. hahahahahaha maybe they have bad memories with ur room in the previous visit? *joking* glad to see ur blog have new colour scheme! it looks good!

    Reply: Meobi~~~ I’m addicted to Natsume Yunjinshu ler~~~ XD

    Hmm.. I have a bad memory ler.. they threw my pillow away but then giving me a new 1.. but without my scent 1.. XD

    Hahaha I’m changing my template soon lur.. 😀

  3. Hhhmmm…
    Then bring those chickens for some chicken ball rice!
    Make them eat their own kind…
    I know I’m evil…

    Reply: Hahaha I did bring them for Chicken Rice Balls XD
    I’m evil too Wahaha

  4. LOL..think positive don’t dissapointed.. at least you clean your room ma..

    Reply: Hahaha true XD
    if not I also not sure when i gonna clean my room up XD

  5. it’s only at times when i have visitors coming over that i start to clean my room..

    it’s a hassle but it’s a perfect excuse [reason] to clean up the room 😛

    Reply: hahaha and when I thought there’s no excuses needed for cleaning up. XD

  6. i like the chicken cartoon.Especially ‘The white one’

    Reply: Hahaha the white Chicken character eh..that’s JAck 😀

  7. Ow! That’s a really sad thing. I love leaving my room messy and clean it up once and for all (on special occasion) then leave it really messy again.

    Reply: Hahaha usually the period for it to stay tidy is very short XD

  8. i also like that one ma..
    clean the house only when people wanna come..
    and make sure to call b4 coming..
    otherwise im so gonna bite them off

    Reply: I thought you will go electrify them instead haha

  9. Me going Malacca soon Again ….
    Next Week ….
    Going jadi Malacca Kaki ody , lolx

    Reply: Woah coming over again eh..
    Malacca Kaki? What does that means?

  10. got room for hairy?

    hahaz.. omg.. dont be disappointed.. i’ll go if they dont go.. i believe miao’s house will feel like Kuching..

    Whoa.. Home sweet home.. teehee..

    Reply: Hahaha
    My house is nothing like Kuching. How I wish it to be.

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