Marley&Me Review: I miss my Pets!

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Yesterday was a boring Sunday, so I asked Jason out for a movie of Marley & Me.

The movie is actually adapted from one of the best selling novel that is based on a True story of the novelist himself. Its about this crazy dog, Marley, his family, and the bonding between them.

Very meaningful, touching and funny movie I must say. A highly recommended movie by me.




and I was thinking…

Seriously, life will be different without them.

and I think I need to learn how to make a proper review ^^”

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  1. Wah!!!
    First comment!!!
    Woot Woot!!!

    I’m a hamster lover too!!!
    I can still remember my golden days when I had over 30 hamsters under my care.
    As cute and cuddly as they are, it’s kinda sad to know that hamsters have a lifespan of 3 years only…

    Breed them Miao! Go out and get WafuPafu some girlfriends!
    Then you’ll have an endless supply of WafuPafu juniors..

    Woah you are fast XD I just post only
    OMG 30 over hamsters.. that’s a lot @@
    how you gonna named them? 1, 2, 3, haahahaha

    Yalo its so sad that they have a lifespan of 3 years only.. 🙁 sob sob
    Hahahaha mine are males..
    if breed them and get some juniors.. I will be sobbing again 3 years later.. 🙁

  2. muahahaz.. LMAO.. I think i should go watch with my gf too..

    since recommended by miao.. muahahaz.. well, this is pretty much a review liao la.. u did comment it “good” and also “touching”.. enough for me to know how good it is liao..

    anyway.. Ask WafuPafu to have more juniors.. introduce them more FupaWupa.. who knows, they’ll have more LufaWufa

    Reply: Woah I like the names.. FupaWupa LufauWufa XD
    If you’re an animal lover, I bet you love it more~ 😀

  3. i was used to have german shepherd when i was about 10 yo… i love this dog…sharp pointed ear…. a large body to be cuddled…. but it gone… i miss him a lot…

    last year my sis adopt a miniature schnauzer..its damn naughty @.@

    oh hmm, i have no time to go for a movie….no friend call me liao =P

    Reply: sorry to hear that. gone as in got kidnap? or pass away?
    Ya, mini schnauzer are very hyper active 1..

    recently busy with work?

  4. yea story was really good and touching but…don’t like the ending 😡

    Reply: No choice.. eventually life ends..

  5. i wanted to watch yesterday but it is all full left first row!!!

    T__T end up watch watchmen that makes me fell asleep.. waaaaaa~

    Reply: Woahh so many people watch ar..

  6. I wonder if the book is better? ppl usually say books are better. I havent seen/read both though.. wanna try to catch slumdog first (yeah, outdated, I know..)

    Reply: My friend said the book is better.. more detail.. more scenes..
    hahaha funny thing is I watch slumdog before it won its academy award XD

  7. LOL. so funny the wafupafu. and i thought it is better to love the pets less so they when bb we wont be so sad? 😛

    Reply: Hahaha the same goes to people.. the less you love them.. the less sad we will be when they left us..

  8. I Used to be an expert in hamsters back in 1997. Believe it or not, there was a time when I had around 30 hamsters at once. I kept them in a combined mansion of four habitrail sets! The saddest thing is not when it dies, but when one dies and the other one live through the agony…Then you buy a new mate for the fella, and after some time, the fella somehow still dies. But now the new hamster is lonely, so you have to buy another new mate for the new mate. And after 3 years, the cycle repeats. It’s periodic 🙂

    Reply:Woah that’s a lot of hamsters.. you’re a breeder?
    They have such a short life. 🙁

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