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  1. the uncle got mental problem ah o.o meet some of these before, just ignore dem la lol!

    Reply: Hahaha uncle perspective really different bit lor

  2. But I heard hamsters cures cancer! seriously!

    Reply: Really? So do I need to consume them? BBQ or Steamed? *looking at wafupafu with a grin on the face XD*

  3. u mean by sniffing in da hamsters’ smell kills?
    seriously illogical lo …

    Reply: Maybe he meant the germs on the hamsters…
    But I still thinks the smoke kills first..

  4. It is possible that your hamster will infect you if the hygiene is not being taking good care~
    That is the strength of pathogenic microbes~

    Reply: Yea that’s a constant clean up needed to the nest..

  5. Cheesin!! You should tell him his friend died because he didn’t drink the hamster pee. LOLL!!!

    Reply: Hahahaha
    Uncle thinking ma..
    he even ask me how to unblock his sim card..when the digi block it..

  6. this is really wtf. but pointing fingers at others without looking at ourselves is a human nature right? :p

    Reply: Yeah.. human really are sad beings..

  7. teehee~~ cant deny part of it is true.. scientifically proven that if you did not clean their wastage properly, you might get cancer..

    they emit poisonous gas when kept long.. same thing if u go smell your shit after some times.. LOLZ!

    =) no worries la.. i’m sure ur WAFUPAFU is super clean! teehee..

    Reply: Ya.. if its not clean.. it might lead to germs.. and virus which might lead to sickness..
    but who doesn’t clean their hamsters’ cage @@

    hahaha yeah.. but they don’t like it ..i think

  8. Weirdest comment I’ve ever heard about hamsters…
    If it were true then I would’ve been dead by now…

    Reply: Hahaha you kept a lot eh?

  9. that ppl dun wan know he got cancer coz hamster could detect this disease!!! XD

    Reply: XD hahahaha
    WafuPafu are cancer detectors ~~
    I think I can sell them to the hospital 😀

  10. hahahah funny that is….. smoking + drinking is a lethal combo.

    Reply: Yeah
    If its alone…
    Smoking is..
    But drinking once in a while can really be something benefit. Provided its not too much or not too over. 🙂

  11. Wah…for what I know any kind of pets can cure a person from stress, sadness and anxiety. Anyway, you should tell him that drinking and smoking can cause kidney, liver and lung cancer. I mean in a polite way.

    Reply: Yeah psychologically pets do help in releasing stress and tension 😀
    Hahaha he doesn’t seems to be a friendly guy, so i didn’t bother to tell him ^^”

  12. Ahahha, its like a person who lost all his hair but giving advise about hair to youngsters.
    I do think keeping pets can be beneficial psychologically. I don’t know, I do not have a pet yet, but I have lived with a cat for a month and I know how comforting a pet can be in difficult times.
    Something the uncle wouldnt understand.

    Reply: yeah~~ Especially cats… they just go over your lap and let you groom them.. each stoke released the stress 😀

  13. wuliaw de uncle…
    i had 18 hamster living with me last time when i was in secondary school
    i am still so healthy and handsome lo miao!


    Reply: Hahahaha Kinda lor..
    I was speechless and omg when he told me that..

  14. hahaha…
    ur blog can make me laugh out loud lor.. even now i sore throat.. hahaha

    Reply: Hahaha I’m happy that I can make people laugh 😀
    Laughter is the best medicine

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