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  1. yay 1st!!

    i oso wish to burn my assignments like that -_- but my marks will b burnt too… T_T

    Reply: XD hahaha then flip it into a paper plane and let it fly..
    then your marks will be in flying colors 😀

  2. wow… but i guess i am da worst…at workplace here, i have nothing to do..just surfing da Net… until become sleepy…how could i get through 8.5 hours every day….no new job is avail yet .. 🙁

    i wish i have at least have some works to do… haihz

    Reply: Nothing to do can be very torturing too.. especially when there’s nothing to do and you are not allow to do your own things @@


    i achelli laughed so loud i think my neighbours think i keesiao liao >.<

    Reply: Hahahaha XD later they called the people from mental hospital XD

  4. >:D burn them all!!! heavy workload sux!!!!
    *put petrol* *kaboooommmm*

    Reply: Hahahaha
    The workload is okay but throwing me so much work and rushing me to finish it is another thing especially when I’m working on it non-stop. @@

  5. ngaiitii.. this drawing is so damn freaking awesome..

    u should draw wafu pafu trying to climb up as well.. hahaz..

    Reply: Hahahaha thank you ^^
    I woke up 630am in the morning to draw them hehehe

    WafuPafu ar? they two is killing me..
    Let you know what they did next time 🙂

  6. Don’t lah burn… We recycle the paper, at least can earn some $$ & save the world~ Wuahahaha~

    Reply: True true.. ^^
    Should give it to the recycling centers XD

  7. i think some wire in ur head burned ady lor.. until you have to burn ur workload…LOL

    but hor, the pic is super fantastically LONG lor.. wahlaueh!! XD

    Reply: Hahaha don’t worry I didn’t connect the wire in my head.. so they won’t get burned. hahaha

  8. If my monitor is long enough, i would love to make this pic as my wallpaper hahahhaa. Nice one miaomiao!

    Reply: Hahahaha I actually resized d.. it suppose to be a 800x3000px long image XD

  9. hahaha..Very funny..I like the characters and the atmosphere of the whole creative image


    Reply: RAWR!! Thank you ^^ hehehe

  10. Miao face looks so evil.. LOL.. anyway just relax and do your best.. Sometimes I also do think like trying to eat up the whole pile of works not burn it up la.. hahaha.. Life full of consequences

    Reply: Actually my condition still consider good.. I have seen my friends work more than 24 hours..
    Yeah life is full of consequences and obstacles but they do make us strong 🙂

  11. I feel the same as you.
    Sigh.. what to do, management said “Eco bad. You don’t want to do got others people do for you.”
    Then you will know if you don’t do then will kena retrench.. ai..

    Reply: Yalor we don’t want to do also have to do..
    Salary cut but work getting more and more @@

  12. I share the same fate as you Miao~ At least you still get to come to the blogsphere…. Better then me… 🙂

    Reply: Blogsphere is like a part of my life…
    Actually miao is a part of my life XD..

  13. You are not allowed to do so
    if your company subjected to ISO.

    At least treat it as recycle paper.

    Reply: Hahaha ya my company don’t allow it..need to throw them into recycling paper bin

  14. wow wow wow~~~
    i’ve been reading ur blog from page 1..
    and this is my favourite so far ^^
    got superman, sun wu kong, ufo, astronaut..hahah
    so cute eh!

    Hahaha thank you ^^
    and welcome welcome

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