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Tada!! New Template for my site ^^.

I just used my Saturday renovating my site

(until I forgot to attend a performance that I had promised my colleague to).

Anyway, Good bye my previous Lovey Lovey edition and welcome my new Ohaiyo~  edition. Hohoho

I did make wallpapers for it too as usual.

This time with date on it ^^ making it a calendar wallpaper. FTW!!


So how do you think?


Update 1: I toned down the green background as per YeinJee’s comment.

Comments 30

  1. Cute header 🙂

    I would suggest to tone down the background (greenish) colour just a little for easier reading… it’s a bit sharp imo.

    Reply: 🙂 Done… I lowered down the color tone to something more light.
    How is it?

  2. wah, suddenly so into nihongo?

    totemo tsubarashi~

    Reply: Hahaha targeting Japan market LOL JK..
    Will let you know in my ” The Story behind the template” post later 😀

  3. The bg color and the post bg color blends in very well. The banner too is very Japanese! Very cool lo. Though it would be better that you link your banner to your homepage.

    Keep up the good work. Draw more =)

    Reply: Thank you thank you..
    I try see whether I can link it or not.. 🙂

  4. LOL konnichiwa~~ Why suddenly learn Japanese de?

    Reply: Wanted to learn Japanese for some time d. Now that I found some kakis to learn together

  5. I only know this sentence when I met one Japanese…
    “Anata baka desuyo?”

    The Spring and Sakura is coming~
    And your template is very Tokyo and natural ar
    Like it!! XD

    Reply: Hahaha not the word Arigato or Sayonara ar? XD

  6. Nicely done, looks clean and simple yet nice.
    <3 the combination of green/red + 4px border! Good job 🙂

    Reply: I’m trying make it looks like a blackboard XD

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