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Actually I’m really bad in language command. ( And yet I love learning more and more other languages ^^)

I can’t read and write a proper essay in Chinese without writing some complex words using “ni hao ma” instead of 你好吗 and I can’t  write a proper English sentence too without Grammar mistakes and wrong spellings. (auto spelling correction rocks!)

And seriously, I can’t pronounce the word ‘R’, my tongue just can’t go vibrating like that.

Good thing the R in Japanese is pronounced as L. Hohohoho




Seriously, this is just a joke.

Comments 37

  1. hooray 4 auto-spell ^^ they save my butt so many times coz i cant spell “complex” words. haha:D

    Reply: Yeah~~ Lucky these days everything is digital based LOL..
    dunno its a good thing or bad XD

  2. lurve yr nuuuueeew template! 😀

    happy learning jap 😛 perhaps next time can draw some jap characters? hehee

    Reply: Hahahaha thank you ^^
    Haha draw some tofu neko XD

  3. hello…
    yup..yup..we have the same problem here…not that good in English, cannot pronounce R properly (even people always said that im from France, u know what i mean..haha)..yet i also still interested in learning other language…LOL…im also start learning Japanese these day..maybe we can help each other no? yoroshiku onegaishimasu 🙂

    Reply: HAhaha me too.. I’m interested in many many other languages too.. like Thai, Bahasa Sarawak, Indo, Korean, France, Spanish, Portugese.. etc XD hahaha

    I’m not that good yet ^^

  4. R is pronounced L in Japanese? Sure bo? wakakakka… XD

    Reply: From what my sensei said lor..
    She’s a Japanese..
    She said that when pronounce the R sound, there’s no need to stress the tongue 1.. its like a L
    Maybe she cant do the R so ask us use L instead XD

  5. LOL @ 青花瓷 lyrics background!!
    so how’re u doing with Japanese language? 😀

    Reply: Yoo sensei 😀
    Yup.. I can’t sing that bloody song.. too complicated d the lyric..

    Hahaha need to be more hardworking lor.. ^^

  6. I like to learn different languages too, and always have problem with the grammar too, haha, especially in English!

    I tried to learn Russian and Greek by myself, i have dictionaries for 5 languages, now can read some Russian and nothing for Greek, haha.

    Reply: Woah Greek.. that’s a rare language to learn

  7. ROFL at the last pic XD

    PS: can I request you to draw something for me? >< any simple cute miao drawings that will stop me from emo-ing? 🙁

    Reply: Emo?Why so sad neh?

  8. just joking?…LIE! ur pc always surfing those sites wan! ur two hamsters told me!

    Reply: Oh shyt.. bloody hamsters hahaah

  9. ooh, i think want to learn japanese too. i’ve tried spanish before, but couldn’t remember anything now. tsk.

    Reply: I think need to use it often to actually remember them..

  10. haha..like my nephew la

    He pronounces

    1.Char siew pau as Char siew ‘pi-au’
    2.Hen Men ( very boring in mandarin) as Hen Ben (very stupid)

    yawn~ i’m bored “hen ben ah”

    Reply: Sooo cute …
    how old is him?

  11. i learned japanese when i was in school. Form 1 until form 4.

    But i juz remember how to introduce my name^^


    Reply: woahh 4 years of classes..
    I guess the frequency of using it really very important lor

  12. Wah respect you man 😀 study Japanese language just for watching anime and japanese movies ….

    Reply: Hahaha 😀 thank you..
    I dont have any Jap friends to talk to.. might just use them on animes XD

  13. sarah <3 miao. lol!
    keep up the good work.
    will visit you often. 🙂

    Reply: Woahh thank you ^^
    You’re very welcome

  14. yamete?….that mean hurt?….yeah I like learning language too…

    P.s curious of the thing that replace profile pic so I`am secretly using my cousins mail >:D,do forgive this curious little fox

    hahaha it means don’t.
    eh what profile pic?

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