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  1. that’s not doing something bad…
    that’s doing something they likey to do :p

    Reply: Hahaha unless one of them is against it XD then its not a good thing

  2. hahaha definitely hilarious..

    animal’s behaviour is indeed not what we can understand…. I also dont understand why male dog smell other male dog’s XXX part.. =.=”

    Reply: I don’t understand why a dog will go hump people’s leg >< My previous dog did that

  3. 万福百福 / WafuPafu
    They have nice Chinese name !!
    Miao = ε¦™οΌŸ XD

    Reply: Hahaha thank you ^^
    Hmmm you gave a new name for miao eh? it sounds nice too XD hahaha

  4. You should give them a lil’ bit more privacy >_< Now everyone on the net know what they do when nobody’s looking! xD

    Reply: HAhahah i did switch off the lights for them XD hahahaha

  5. haha Miao, you should get a new femail hamster for them… they seems lonely… I’m sure they’ll appreciate your addition to the family :p

    Reply: Hahaha i don’t want them to be a irresponsible parents. XD

  6. Agreed, buy a female, or maybe two…duwan wait later fite for the female pula..

    Reply: Hahaha i don’t want to breed them ler. The babies are hard to take care.

  7. hahaha, nice πŸ˜€ ya.. eyes can be very deceiving when we half awake πŸ™‚

    Reply: Hahaha true indeed ^^
    but then that time I was fully awake.. due to the noise they made

  8. Haha!!poor hamster being accused!! by the way, what did u use to do all those drawings? i’m using macromedia flash for drawings in my blog. Do share share ideas ya πŸ™‚

    * i’m from Kuching too ^^

    Reply: Woah five! to Kuchingite!! I’m using Adobe Fireworks.. πŸ˜€

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