I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

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If you have no idea who this guy is. Apparently its the owner of this blog/site. ^^ Yeah, I have my own album release today which you can’t find it at your nearest CD Shops or any pirated VCD stalls. Hahahaha..

Oyah, Nuffnang in collaboration with Maxis Broadband will be having this Music Celebrity Themed Party this coming Saturday. Its actually the Nuffnang’s birthday party. ^^ I bet there will be so much fun there with all the bands, music, games, prizes and also crazy bloggers. *do the Miao dance* Just hope that I will get the chance to go for the party as the invitations is limited to 125 persons and I posting this post on the last week before the event.

By the way, how’s the super duper short teaser I made. Hahaha the whole teaser didn’t even last one whole minute.  Its actually my first time to do a movie clip, next time I will try to make something longer ^^.





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  1. hahaha thats hilarious! naked in public wahahahaha…

    btw ur album look cool! sure ur album will be going ‘laris’! XD

    Reply: HAhaha I bet those who bought will regret after hearing my voice XD

  2. ROFL! You’re definitely getting good at this man.

    Reply: Hahaha thank you 🙂
    I’m trying to improve.. 😀 hopefully I can manage to make an animation miao one day

  3. I like the teaser, haha XD
    even is short but nice!

    The album cover also very nice in the design ^^

    Reply: Hehehe thank you ^^
    I was hoping I can do something more Awesome.. but my current skills are limited 🙁

  4. miao…you look cool & “ying” on that angle… Keep the angle to kao si lui. kakakakaakaka…

    Reply: Only can use that angle only XD hahahaha
    so next time when I talk to people I need pose macam ni XD

  5. Wee!! Can meet with Jian Akiraceo ;p
    I like how you represent Miaohanna and Miaochael Jackson!!
    Seems like one of the creativity prize is urs again ^@^~

    Reply: Hahaha yeah can meet up ^^

    Hahaha so give face ar.. thank you thank you 😀

  6. little piece of advice, the trailer you might wanna ad more detail, let the screen last longer… This was yo will have a longer trailer 😀

    Reply: I see I see 😀 Well taken note. Thank you very much ^^
    I will try to edit it 😀

  7. haha.. cool man.. i tried before making a vids and album cover. its pain in the ass. 😛

    Reply: The album cover was still okay.. Just making vids are hard..with my current skills..

  8. wow ! i wan tat CD ! I wan tat CD ! XP
    the album cover really look so real …
    like a real artist album ….

    Reply: Hahahah thank you 😀
    Only the cover XD cause the content is awful

  9. i’m starting to get addicted to your blog already. damn cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    like this post a lot! teehee 😀

    Reply: Woahh thank you ^^ for liking it

  10. Ha ha, I can’t decide which one is more hilarious, the beaten up hana, or the tin. (on a side note, you should have a hot female officer handcuffing you. it’ll be so hot xD)

    Reply: Hahaha draw a hot female officer eh? XD

  11. Wahseh! Miao look very leng chai in the album wor. The video u made not bad ler.

    Reply: hahaha thank you ^^
    the power of photography ma XD
    real person not leng chai 1

    the video could be better.. just not that skilled yet

  12. Hmm… Seldom comment on ur blog.. but i gotta say this, u look damn YENG from that angle. like superstar ler! rofl~~

    Reply: Hahahaha thank you ^^
    its your first comment ler hehehe only that angle can let ppl see

  13. walau yeh!!!who help u make tat album??
    u got the quality to become “famous”!!
    so lengzai~~

    Reply: I did it myself ^^
    Haha hope my cat and hamsters will become famous instead

  14. Wow…new album…hoho
    Maybe u nit dress up like stephen chow in 百变星君,as TOOTH PASTE

    Reply: LOL toothpaste.. i rather change into wafupafu XD

  15. Miaohanna…LOL~! cant stop laughing..
    btw,if u really own that album,i’ll definitely buy it and fully support u!! HAAHHa…
    u really look great with that angle…or mayb every angle…i haven see ur real face actually.
    when i see Jian,i only think of Miao..LOL

    Reply: hahaha only that angle XD other angle cannot see 1
    good 😀 thinking of miao is a good thing ^^

  16. lol …. all the neko kawaii …. meowvis =.=”

    That is a cat huh …. called cat king by cantonese people …

    Reply: Mao Wang 😀 like that say XD hahaha

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