Did you switch off the light on Earth Hour?

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I was quite surprise to notice that there’s really a lot of people who are aware of it and really switch off the lights but there are some might not aware of it, some might just ignore it and some took the idea wrong and organize big event (which waste more electricity and energy and its soo wrong ) and some have no choice but to turn on the light.

Like me. ^^”

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  1. hahaha pangsai pula….

    my mother said must open lights as she need to wash dishes…iron clothes…. and shower =.=

    i told her to do those after an hour..she don wan…….

    what to do…guess oldies are not getting along with Earth Hour idea yet…

    Reply: Ya oldies might not be aware of the current issues with the earth and global..

  2. Haha… very interesting comic… Actually on that day, my university hostel authorities have a programme that urges us to switch off the light!!

    But my housemate, suddenly stomachache, but he is not same as the cat pangsai in the dark la.. Gt switch on the light… if no, later how to clean up ur backside… hahaha……

    Reply: I got switch on the lights ler.. Its so creepy to poo in the dark

  3. hahaha.. same goes to me.. pangsai in the dark, but lucky me, i got my flashlight 😛

    Reply: Woah.. jangan jangan later flash ‘something’ else XD

  4. in my condition, at my place, no need to turn off lights, blackout for 1 hour GG

    Reply: Woah FT(for the win) lor.. hahaha TNB support Earth Hour

  5. Should have light up a candle in the toilet~ Romantic! 😛

    I did celebrated my belated birthday during that hour… so nice that the world turn off the lights for 1 hour… 😀

    Reply: Last minute we didnt manage to buy candle..
    Yeah its nice 😀

  6. if u switch off during pangsai, nanati jatuh ke dalam lubang hahaha

    Reply: Wont I guess.. my buttock too big d..
    But I think my feet might terpijak XD

  7. what a good experience if u poo in dark…haha!!
    I was working that time but i did switch of the light during the Earth Hour…must support wad~! We must save our earth…hee

    Reply: Maybe we can do our part everyday and close the lights when we’re not using it.. or even we’re using it lol XD

  8. <>

    Do they need to? I thought most of them are already accustomed with saving electricity since like, forever?
    Though their reason of doing so is purely financial, they’ve already, though inadvertently doing their part while we “youngsters” go around wasting electricity unnecessarily just cos we can afford it.

    Reply:Good statement 🙂

  9. The comment above is a response to this:

    Reply: Ya oldies might not be aware of the current issues with the earth and global..

    *sorry, was testing what kind of tag your blog actually supports.

    Reply: Its okie

  10. i go report.. ngahahahha

    i love earth hour. we had barbeque organizes outside the house and put up tent and see the star shine… counting star and make a wish..

    i love it

    Reply: Wahh BBQ.. more heat, more smoke XD
    open burning! must report XD

  11. tsk tsk tsk. your eyesight so bad ah? cannot see in dark? i guess those born in the year of tiger can see better in the dark like me. i can poo in a dark toilet at anytime. Lol.

    Reply: Hahaha I can’t ler.. if there’s a blackout.. I will bring a candle in XD LOL

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