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  1. hello miao 🙂 gotta know ur blog frm nuffnang featured blog.
    i must say u have great drawing skills, ur Miao is cute, so are ur hamsters.

    p/s a Kuchingite here 🙂

    Reply: Hehehe hi there ^^
    Thank you ..
    I’m not that great.. still learning .. 🙂

  2. omgoodness you are GOOD!!!! your pictures to your content, i can never stop laughing and be entertained!!! i’m glad i found your blog today to enlighten my day, or rather night.. it have been so hard and ya know what? i think you have what it takes to be a comedian!

    keep up your great work pal!

    Reply: hahaha thank you thank you ^^
    Ya kah? I always thought i have a low sense of humor as I usually seldom laugh to ppl’s joke..

  3. Hi there..i Love your blog so much!!
    It is so unique and interesting…
    Btw i got to know your blog form nuffnang
    Hope to see more entries from your blog..
    keep it up!!

    p/s: i had followed your blog

    Reply: Hi there ^^
    Woahhh thank you~~~~~ really appreciate it

  4. hey dun party till u drop…

    coz sumone bad kidnap u and skin u to death and ask ur pass all…..

    and start blog like my jian ge ge sob sob

    Reply: LOL XD
    Wont lar.. XD wearing my skin wont do any good but get bully by my hamsters

  5. hey you’re really creative with your comic strip! love the sense of humour! =D

    all the best! and congrats on being featured on nuffnang this month!

    cheers! =)

    Reply: Thank you very much ^^ hehe

  6. haha Jian… next week coming down again ka??? if you are coming for the gathering.. confirm with me in LYN or MSN

    Reply: Maybe not.
    Need to send my car for servicing.. 🙁

  7. Hello meooww… lol… I mean Jian. Found your link from Nuffnang featured blog. I shall say you have a really good drawing skills and I like your blog template. Besides, I can see that you are highly creative person. Haha…

    Nice blog and keep it up. Will be back for more.. 😉

    Reply: Yoo Curryegg, thanks for dropping by ^^
    Actually I’m not that creative also ^^

  8. Haha =D Very funny ler! Kesian the 2 hamsters have to lit match and wait for you.

    Reply: Hahaha sometimes I also feel that they are very kesian to stay in such a small tank

  9. !! i love your blog, Jian!!

    I read your entire archives in one night. 🙂 It’s Jolene, the girl who went as lady Gaga for the bash.

    Too bad I only read your blog after the party or else I would’ve been honoured to have met you. 🙂 hope to meet you in person one day.

    Reply: Woahhh thank you ^^ Lady Gaga.. your costume awesome 😀
    at first I thought the hair bow is a pair of cat ear (I never saw Lady Gaga before)

    Hahaha Woahhh you read all of them..Lucky its not that many right
    unless you korek habis all my “old blogspot”‘s posts @@

    Hehe its okay, there will be more Nuffnang great parties in future

  10. =) it’s been really long since i found a damn good blog to read. not much reading, but damn relaxing lah looking at your comics. 🙂 my housemate also laughed at every single post of yours. her entire evening spent reading your blog too.:)

    hehehe thank you thank you! yeahlah, most guys don’t know who lady gaga is. -___-

    half way through ur blogspot posts! 🙂 but i think your work improved a lot with the dot com. 🙂

    i’ll see you at the next party!

    Reply: Hahaha thank you for reading them ^^
    I heard bout her song but I just never saw her before XD

    Woah you read my blogspot posts as well XD

  11. hahaha.. guess what yatz went as? pocahontas.. =P

    Reply: LOL XD I never thought of that..
    I keep getting the “Peace” sign in my mind whenever i see him XD

  12. Hey there! I love your drawings! They’re so hilarious and they actually made my day! Especially when exams are around the corner, these r good stuffs to relieve stress! ahah.

    ps: I’ve officially become your fansee already. 😀

    Reply: Woahh thank you ^^ I’m happy that they did make you feel more stress-free 🙂
    I will try to make more funny post from now on ^^

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