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Almost every afternoon around 3pm (my nap time), I will feel very very sleepy. No matter what I did to stay awake ( wash my face, stretch my body, slap my face, slap my colleague ), it does not seems to work, I will just end up “fishing” or “napping” in the end.

Sometimes I just wish I could just take a 5-10 minutes nap and not get myself fired for that. Lol..

Anyone here can teach me how to keep myself awake? or teach me where can I hide myself and take a nap ^^

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  1. Me too… I always feel sleepy after meals, not only lunch~

    but as for the last picture shown, just make sure you don’t accidentally press Ctrl+S and send out the email to someone (If you’re typing in Outlook), then it will be great problem~


    Reply: HAhaha and send to my director.. DIE XD

  2. haha… so cute. even ur comments box oso got emotion phrase one.. haha.. since only one sob sob. then i help u to increase it.

    Reply: Hahaah thank you 😀

  3. Don’t eat too full for lunch.
    Make sure your belt not so tight.

    Or else take a nap like a pro as you are now ;p

    But if I didn’t eat full then I will be hungry very fast. LOL

    Hahaha if only I can sleep with my eyes open

  4. haha i am always sleepy in the morning…luckily there not always have job available in the morning. so i can do anything i like… but not sleeping =P i find something on the net to refresh my eyes XD

    Reply: I don’t know why but I’m more awake in the morning lol XD

    hahaha what’s so refreshing? mind share? 😀

  5. hhahaah
    do the upside down…..
    ur leg in the air and face down to earth..

    increase o2
    or u can always bend ur head to ur knee

    or slap urself many time
    or ask someone to karate u


    Wahh all so high level skills 1…
    I can’t do all those..

    But I can spread my legs and hands and sleep LOL

  6. hahaha…
    keep on walking here & there…go take a file or photostate anything eventho u didnt need it…haha…
    i also always feel sleepy at office:)

    Reply: Hahaha did that and its not working..
    Only when people talks to me.. just I’m awake

  7. LOL. usually i just use my hand to tilt my head n secretly nap for a while. hehehe

    Reply: Hahaha I do use my hand and put on my forehead as if I’m thinking..
    but only when my director is outstation

  8. Well,u can always go to the toilet and choose the most smelly one.Go in and take a deep breathe,a few more if u like to.

    Sure way to keep awake! xD

    Reply: Wahhh like that for sure I will faint first XD

  9. Doesn’t matter if you eat heavy lunch or light lunch. If you’re tired, you’re tired. You just drawn me today.. 🙂 I was so sleepy… was on my way to go toilet to sleep when suddenly my colleague call me. I ter-shock, woke up and ask what? Then she say nothing. Just call for fun… =.=” meow~~

    Yeah tired is tired …
    hahahah at least you’re awake right 😀

  10. This make me remember when i was having my UPSR exam .

    one of my classmate , he slept when we were having our exam . I think his nap time is also about 4-5pm something , tat’s y when we have our exam in da afternoon , he will jik tao fall a sleep half way exam.

    And what he get in tat paper ?! as i heard , is a D ….

    I think u better try to change it . slowly lar ….lolx

    Hahaha I usually don’t take naps..and I don’t have the habit of sleeping in the day time..
    Its just that hour happened to be the most tired period of the day..

    So I can’t change it unless you can teach me how to remove the tiredness in me..

  11. Don’t eat rice for lunch. Sure doze off one especially kena the banana leaf rice. lol XD

    Reply: But I will be hungry at that period of time instead of sleepy.. XD

  12. lucky my office got neslo to drink. hahaha…. and a lot biscuits

    Reply: Woahhh paradise!!
    My office only has warm and cold water LOL

  13. wah…geng…
    my friend can zz with open eyes..
    that’s why he never kena caught napping in class 🙂

    Reply: OMG!!!
    Master of sleeping!!! Sifu~~~

    At most I can do is.. fan myself with a book while I’m sleeping..

  14. Eh so cute la ur comics

    Lunch time that time take 5 mins nap la. Den ma wont sleepy?

    Reply: Whenever I came back from lunch, its already 2pm @@
    Next time I try to have a shorter lunch break

  15. >_< very cute character..hehe..
    Don’t eat till you full, that’s the best way to avoid sleepy eyes..i guess..haha..

    Reply: Sleepy and Hungry…I think I will choose to be sleepy then LOL XD

    p/s: I hungry very fast XD

  16. try getting a desk change. right next to your boss or in front of your boss’ room would help a lot

    Reply: I’m actually sitting right in front of my boss XD
    and whenever he’s in his seat.. I will be awake..

    but too bad he seldom in his place lol

  17. such as reading manga and reading ur blog 😀

    Reply:There’s no internet connection @@
    and I usually don’t have time for other stuffs XD (even for toilets).

    I don’t like the feeling to have
    works on my table.. so I usually will try to settle all of them but they just keep coming hahaha

  18. As an experienced sleeper on the job, I’d have to give my most sincere advice.

    Don’t fight it. Just sleep. Even my boss acknowledged my condition and asked to sleep in one corner in the meeting room if I have the urge to sleep again.

    But then, that was my previous job. It was boring, that’s why I got sleepy. If your work’s interesting enough you won’t get sleepy anyhow.

    If you really don’t want to sleep, find any reason to walk around, rather than trying to force yourself to work but fall asleep instead.

    Woah your boss is good. Hahaha i do wish I could take a 5 min nap or something to get rid of the sleepiness..

    Speaking of meetings, it gets uglier in there.. XD everyone is sleepy LOL (those who are not directly related to the topic of course)

  19. haha… if your office wash room is clean, you can take your nap inside there.. = ))

    The makcik cleans it up every morning 1 but it always gets dirty after lunch hour 🙁

  20. hi there~ lol.. 🙂
    for me, whenever i feel sleepy, i sleep for 10 mins on
    lunch break, after that i’ll feel re-energized back. of course, i put 2-3 clock around me to make sure im wake up ^_^””

    Reply: wahh so many clocks @@
    Next time I think I should go back office earlier and sleep

  21. Agree with Jonny; I also cannot stop myself sleeping and in the end told my boss and colleagues, and when I feel the nap coming I put my phone alarm for 20 mins or something and sleep at my desk… Next best is like akaneko – sleep before come back from lunch, in the car or even with my head propped on my hand at the table where I’ve eaten!

    Reply: Hahaha I see I see..
    I think I really need to take a short nap during lunch hour so I wont be so sleepy during the evening..

  22. usually i’ll just get up and walk around. stretch a bit etc. usually helps

    Reply: Haha I do stretch but it makes me more sleepier XD hahahaha


    i think right, u have to go toilet and pretend u pangsai and sleep on the toilet bowl. or go to building staircase, if ur staircase macam shopping complex one la…

    Reply: Hmm staircase… maybe I should try that..

  24. Hmm.. for me i will try to have deep breathing and breath out for few times then shake my leg. It works for me when I’m having long hour for class in college but just a while only.. hahahahaha… But you can try it..

    Reply: I got try deep breathing but the ‘wake’ only last a minute or 2 lol XD

    In university, I usually sleep straight away even I’m in the first row.. The lecturers all knew XD and didn’t mind bout it. But usually I only take a 5-15 minutes only to clear away the sleepiness..

  25. miao~~~ so in love wit ur blog rite now!!! =D i was readin ur older post and found out ur workin in melaka izit??

    haha keep up d gd work!! X3

    Reply: Thank you~~~
    Yeah I’m working in melaka right now ^^

  26. *rise up hand high up in the air*

    Got hot water provided rightt? Then put some lime or lemon slices in and add some sugar. ^^ You are kuching people sure know what is “san suan”/3 sour right? I think that helps,especially you squeeze all the sour juice out. Or like what some people said, take a nap in toilet. >.^

    Good luck, don’t get caught yeaaa! =)

    Reply : 3 sour For the Win!!! 😀
    Anything to drink and eat makes me awake

    p/s:I’m eating corn chips right now

  27. hohoho…sleep laaa…hide into the toilet oso can…hahaha

    Reply: Hahaha if only the toilet is like the one in the hotels with music and aircon hahahaha

  28. drink something or eat something~ it helps… especially i’m awake for more than 24hrs… =P

    Reply: Yeah I brought a bunch of snacks to work on Friday ^^

  29. sleeping in the toilet is not a bad idea 😉
    honestly i’ve tried that before and it kinda work [provided your office got more than one toilet cubicle].
    if u slept abit too long, just come out acting like u are having a very bad stomachache. just frown and look unhappy. that will do. hahahha…

    Reply: Hahahaha I will frown and unhappy 😀 but it wont be an act.. it will be the new added works on my table while I off to the toilet XD

  30. I thought Friday is the day you get more energetic? coz the next day is saturday!!! off day~ yay~

    Reply: Hahaha energetic when the end of office hour is near LOL

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