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  1. Nowadays kids are really out of control and the parents just seem to ignore that out-of-control-ness. I was strolling in a mall with my bestie when this kid (being nonsense) came and kicked her. The mom came over and guess what? Instead of apologizing to my bestie, that mom gave us a one kind look and walked off. Babi dia!

    I can’t imagine how the kid will turn up into @@ which such a parental

  2. Sigh….parents these days are too busy with their little up-to-date gadgets to keep an eye on their kids. And yes, i do agree with you. Kids do need spanking to be good.

    Too busy with making $$

  3. Kid very successful these days you know. They know what they want and they will focus and do everything to get it.

    Tapping table not working. So jump on the table lor. So did the kid finally bite or dismantle the table?


    If he’s my son.. I will make sure he swallowed the whole table XD

  4. tat’s why i hate kid. most can’t stand those kid tat yell around in the shopping mall disturbing other but the parent still think tat their kid is very cute n ignore them. kid are monster…

    Honestly, I can’t stand kids too hahaha
    They’re evil!!

  5. I support! xD
    I think I’m gonna ground him from everything. xD

    I think ground him from playing is the meanest thing to do for a child XD

  6. the father doesn’t care it all. don’t waste your energy and breath on such small problem. draw more comics and you will be our loving cat! XD MIAOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Hahaha lucky the kid got jump on the table if not I have nothing to draw XD right

  7. the father is moron…i think he is irresponsible father… father left the kid doing whatever the kind likes….in short, he is spoiled!!! sure the kid would be the worst when he is grown up!!! and father will be embarrassed!!!

    Really spoiled. I think the dad gonna regret one day

  8. if i were u i go there and smack the child

    im sure the father wont bother or notice…

    or i can just bring water and simply trip on his child

    then laugh evil laugh

    that for destroying my peaceful lunch

    Reply: LOL
    you don’t get caught/ get sued/ get hit by the dad ler XD

  9. if my mami saw it sure she will tsk tsk tsk throughout da meal…
    cos when we were very young, we were so guai nu… *smug*

    I think if I’m the child, I will end up in the hospital the next day XD

  10. Parents are just neglecting their children nowadays… ==” If I were that child, I’m history~ My mom will cane me till the rotan breaks… >.<

    I will do the same as you but with extra punishment~ XD wuahahaha~

    What extra somemore!
    What do you plan to do O.o??

    then later after a few rounds of punishments.. give bonus punishment eh? XD

  11. Parents are neglecting their children! =( That’s why lately more and more moral decaying activities are happening among our youth!

    Parents are too focusing on working and earning money leaving everything to the school..

  12. Lol~!I dislike kids because of that.Can’t control them at all~~~~Aduhai!

    I think these will help to control them.
    *Shoosh!* *Shoosh!* *Shoosh!*

  13. I think it’s not the kids’ fault. It’s bad parenting. If the parents are good with their parenting skills, the kid will not even bang the table at the first place.

    Yeah, that’s true.

  14. Nice blog layout – must be original right??

    nowadays kids are like that, haiz…getting notier and notier

    Reply: Thank you ^^
    The codes are not original. The image designs are. 😀

    What to do, the parents are neglecting and neglecting

  15. yooooo just Purrrrrrrrrrrrr him la.. smash his head… give him smack down la…

    Reply: Wahh later I kena sued by his dad then charm.

  16. omg this reminds me of the kids when i was working in rakuzen man~~~ my supervisor actually asked the customer to leave when they deliberately ignored their children’s, lets say , campaign? all the customers were relieved when she did that and us co-crew were like celebrating the departure of the little devils… should have seen the faces of the customers man!!!

    Reply: Hahahaha
    Nice move from your supervisor ^^

  17. *Playing Akon’s Smack That song …..* 😀

    Lol ….. that is really annoying ….. the father also same brand when young.

    Hmm I guessed so..

  18. What can we say then?? That Kid is really no manner.. plus his parents never care about his son attitude…

    Hmm.. anyway not all Kid is like that la it is all depends on how the parent teach them.

    But if that kid is my bro or cousin I’m sure that I myself will scold or smack him.. hahaha I’m kinda a meanie sister.. hehehehe…

    Reply: Ya its all depends on the parental teaching

  19. haha lmao. if i were you. i would just throw something useful at that boy’s head and do the dinosaur rawrrrr xD

    Hahaha then I will get chased by the father XD

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