The Day We Saved our Friend.

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The other day we went and visited Sungai Gabai which is located somewhere in Selangor. As crazy as we always are, we went and shot in the river for some better angles and view. It was then my friend, Ser who was on the upper side of the river slipped on a wet rock and slided down the wet rock like a slide.

It was so funny when the first thing our instinct told us to save is his camera instead of him. Hahaha… lucky my friend and his camera were okay in the end.

That brings up the question.. the value of a camera is greater than a human’s? LOL

By the way, I had post some photos I took that day inside here. Click to see them.

Comments 44

  1. wakakakaka.. save the camera.. ish.

    1st of all, why cam shootin while IN the water?!!! looking for trouble right? LOL

    2nd of all, so like your flower shot!

    3rd of all, why strawberry-lize the nipples? ayo. LOL

    4th of all, eh, last tome i checked, cats scared of WATER wan leh..?


    miahahahahahahahahah XD

    Reply: Hahahah
    1st. its all for the great angle and composition. We are quite hardcore 1 hahaha LOL
    2nd. Omg thank you.
    3rd. I wanna cover the nipples hahaha
    4th. Hohohoho then you have no idea what is a Turkish Van :D, The Great Cat that love water Hohohohoho

    Seriously, I’m afraid of water..I can’t swim

  2. lol whats with that strawberries?? lol
    sometimes its like that, last time i fall with my saxophone.. the moment i woke up, i quickly check my saxophone instead of myself.. haha..

    Reply: Hahahaha suddenly have this idea of use Ichigo to cover the “embarrassing spot” XD

  3. An experience with the nature is one of the awesome thing in life. I like river, beaches, as well as snapping photos. Mate you really have a cool camera and nice photography skill.

    The photos are nice, please do post more if possible.

    Happy Easter,

    Reply: My skills is still noob..^^ but thanks for the complements.
    I do love the nature too.. it is so relaxing~~~

  4. You guys so bad lah weii…HAHAHA.. =D I dunno since how long I have not been to nature places like mountain/ beach/ waterfall. I remember when I was in form 1 I love to hike and search secret/ shortcut paths of the hill beside my school with all my classmates. Some paths lead to mini waterfalls! It was really fun.>.< ! Am planning to hug mother nature on my next term break. ^^

    Hahahaha we didn’t do it on purpose 1..
    Our reflex and instinct reacted like that XD hahahaha
    Woahh plan to go where coming break?

  5. hey i have the same slippers…haha…but I don’t wear them anymore…too worn out d…lol

    Reply: Hahaha
    I found it quite cute..
    I think it will be cuter if there’s a WafuPafu version

  6. morning great jian! wah sg gabai photography really not bad! hohoho! It’s something like saving girlfriend or mother. Choose one *the more important one* lol

    Reply: Then I will save my mum Wahahahaha
    No lar.. my photo not that great ler..

  7. miao~ where is this sg. gabai really located? Tell me….

    & also I like your shots… nice nice ^^

    The Sg Gabai is somewhere near Hulu Langat. ^^
    You have to drive over the look-out-point mountain

  8. omg ur frens got strawberry tits @_@


    astaga, lucky camera saved

    Reply: Hehehe Try wanna cover them up..
    Its not good to show their tits without permissions.

  9. oh lol!!

    Save the camera instead of the owner??

    hahaha lol~

    marCus was right, cat scared of water didn’t they?

    hahaha~ nice one!

    Reply: Hahaha not all cats afraid of water ^^

  10. By the way I went to Sg. Gabai before with my family..
    We bbq-ing there..XD
    The waterfall really cool~ 1st trial was afraid if I
    tenggelam..Luckily I know how to swim a little XD

    p/s: so many mat rempits hisap rokoks when I got there
    I hate cigarette, why should people hisap them?

    Reply: Its kinda crowded in my opinion.. too many people d and the place doesn’t seems to fit everyone in XD hahaha

  11. maRCus, some cats can swim one lei, don pray pray….

    Ah Miao, i understand lo, human got water-proof skin, camera don have lei…


    Reply: True!! 😀
    Some cats can really swim..
    My cat can’t swim but she loved to bath hahaha

  12. i would have saved the cam first too! i even told my fren, dont save me first if i drop into water, save my cam first. hehehe btw, the ah snake is so cute lah

    Reply: Hahahaha you even told your friend that ar.. Geng.. I think I should inform my friends too hahaha

  13. nice pictures there.
    even if i was at the scene, i will still save the camera first. hahahahaha

    Its proved!
    Camera is worth to save than a human Hohohoho

  14. lol if u save him, u guys will crash into the water together.. too heavy dy

    Reply: And extra 3 cameras will die together with him Hahaha

  15. ah ser!!! u all treat him like tat..but u all do the correct decision oso. he got black belt,no nit sked laa

    Reply: Hahaha black belt not immortal lar LOL

  16. I would save the camera first of course….coz camera is more expensive than medical fees…even if u got hurt, see doctor oso not as expensive as buy new camera right…hehe

    Reply: Hahahah true true.. but if serious injured then its different d ^^”

  17. hahhaha…save the camera instead of fren? LOL.. “mou liong sam” la… hahaha…

    i love your shooting pics! there are awesome!!!

    HAhaha where got 😛
    He was very happy that we saved his camera XD

  18. Your post reminds me of my tragedy at the waterfall 2 years back!!

    My friends and I went to the (quite) famous waterfall at Ipoh..(the one that you can see from the highway). It was raining when we reached there. My males friends were so excited and they insist wanna have a walk nearby the waterfall.

    Few minutes later, the rain stopped and we walked happily to the waterfall (on top)…we took quite a lot pictures there. Suddenly…!!! My female friend slipped and banged her head on the rock! (There are so many rocks there..big size, small size, and some are sharp!)

    OMG! Non-stop bleeding. Without hesitate, we sent her to the nearest clicic and then transferred her to the hospital. She stayed in the hospital for 3 days…=( poor thing!

    Perhaps she was lucky enough! I can’t imagine if she slipped and …. gone!

    Thinking back.. oh, it’s too scary + dangerous! She told us that she felt ‘someone’ pushed her, that’s why she slipped…ya, we all felt surprised how come she would slip…

    It’s a lesson….

    Reply: OMG!!! this is so scary..@@ ‘something’ push her…
    Lucky she was okay in the end..

  19. btw, Mr Ser didnt feel lucky because u guys saved his camera instead of him? haha, if i were mr ser i would thank my friend for saving my camera instead of me, hahaha!

    Reply: Hahaha he did he did XD

  20. That guys love a great deal of photography.Be grateful for the passion !

    i tot what is that green thing..haha..a cute snake ah.

    Reply: Hahaha
    hardcore LOL

  21. Not sure friends some say Langkawi, some say Penang, some say Melaka. I say Gua Mulu. XD See how bah.

    Reply: Woahhhh
    I also wanna go to those places.. except melaka LOL

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