Nuffnang Music Bash through Miao’s Eyes

Jian Akiraceo Event 31 Comments

It had been a long time since I taste a beer. LOL




Both of them won themselves a belt and movie tickets respectively. ^^”

Credits goes to May for the photosΒ  who I steal from. LOL




Thanks May for the videos too LOL




I broke my first rule that day for not bring a camera wherever I go.

I thought the place will be so dark that it will so hard for photos which I decided not to bring.





Now I can’t wait for the next coming party ^^.

Comments 31

  1. wahaha… you misplaced the sticker…XD

    but you seems enjoyed this ceremony and you can meet many ppl there…good lar!

    Reply: *Malu*
    didn’t know it was a laptop skin in the first place

  2. so funny u stick laptop skin on table.
    the party sounds real cool. free beer some more.

    Seriously it works wonder as a mousepad XD

  3. The graphics are so nice! What a talented cat you are! Simply love this post, makes me laugh non-stop! <3

    Thank you thank you..
    I’m not that talented also.. still need a lot of hardwork and improvement πŸ™‚

  4. lolx…
    go open back and place where the right place one..

    so enjoy la u..
    jhhahah goog

    Reply: Hahaha I don’t have a mouse pad.. Still using it right now πŸ˜› and it works perfectly~~

  5. I love your drawings, is so cute!!!.. Btw, how come you draw Yatz without his spec along ??

    Reply: Eek! I just realized I forgot to draw his spec πŸ˜›

  6. How can u not bring camera! ahhaa cause i think bloggers must bring camera everywhere

    Hahaha photographers too bring their camera everywhere.. @@
    I thought it will be hard for shooting as I thought it will be dark

  7. lol…i like the last comic strip..hehe..don’t worry, u’re not alone, i almost go and stick mine on my door XD

    Hahahaha then where is it now?

  8. so nice can go party with free drinks !!!!
    but then im not a beer person ahahahaa…
    haiyoo next time must remember bring camera mar… then shoot with tele from far far ! hiak hiak hiak

    Reply: Hahaha I’m not a heavy drinker but I do like to drink once a while..
    I prefer liquor more than beer actually..

    Takde tele yet hohoho

  9. hahahaha..ROFL at Vernice’s comment of me not wearing specs wtf..LOL

    mousepad FTW~!!!

    Reply: Hahaha if she didn’t mentioned I also won’t notice LOL

  10. laptop skin use as mouse pad!!! so funny…hahahaha….

    and i reli love ur drawings…cool. hehe

    Hehehe thank you ^^
    I need many improvements tho

  11. drew my boobs too!! thank you thank you!! such an honour. shall save this comic. πŸ˜€ <3

    Reply: It would be weird if i didn’t draw anything there XD LOL

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