Hot and NAKED.

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Short notes: I’m going to the MMU Law night tonight.


For some unknown reason, the weather today seems to be very very hot. Hotter than usual, its like the mother earth is having a fever today. Poor her..suffering from all our (human) misbehaves.

I feel like surfing in a sauna room right now, the air coming from the fan seems to be warm as well. How I wish I could sit in a air-conditioned room surfing in one hand and drinking a cold iced lemon tea in another hand. LOL

Sad thing that I do not have a Genie and my wish didn’t came true in the end.

But good thing I’m a guy, whenever its hot I can just go NAKED!!!!! Hohohohoho…

But not totally naked though.

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  1. eh, wait hold on, your friend is guy or gurl?

    if its gurl, try to seduce her by meowing so cute…she will fell for it XD… but if its guys, say you wanna molest him…XD

    oh yeah, the global climate is getting worsen, blame it on us humans for not taking care of our Moter well…

    pity on you, i often have iced lemon tea almost every day…am enjoying it very much

    Reply: My friend is a guy XD. If its a girl, meowing won’t do too.. as far as I know most people hate cats hahahah.

    True, the only person we can blamed is ourselves. 🙁

  2. haha back in kedah almost every single male cousins do that all the the time due to the insufficient space for the typical “over-size” genes of the Teoh family and lack of air conditioning~ but if its Jack should be alright wart everyone is male and being half naked wont do any harm~(unless jack gets turn on lar) >.<~~~

    iced lemon tea? take the best drink on earth ever~ H2O!!!!!!!

    Hahaha but I like iced lemon tea more wor.. 😛

  3. it is so hot, and i’m playing some game with my laptop, laptop heated up, more hot, super hot, hyper hot!!

    Reply: So hot that I didn’t wanna touch my lappie XD, you still can play game. Geng

  4. noe what i go chill at the beach…

    reading newspaper while listen to the song from mp3

    and orange juice in another..

    what a day 4 me

    owh muz add also nice view…

    cough cough

    Reply: Wahhhhh
    *OMG so nice* I also want!!!

  5. miaow!!
    agree with u…super hot la today, i think if i stepped out of my room anytime i will be hangus terbakar.
    i cant take my nap either. the heat is killing me

    Reply: Really crazy hot today..
    hahaha go out terus masak XD

  6. Yeah..girl cannot naked. T.T Plus the long long hair we have. *sigh*

    Really don’t naked at other people’s place. Haha. At a girl’s view,(me,myself) I feel uncomfortable looking at naked boy walking around. Pai-seh neh. >.< *blush*

    Hahaha lucky my friend’s place is all guys house XD ………………i think ^^”

  7. yeah. 4 no apparent reason, it was super hot indeed.

    Many years ago the normal temperature is around 26 but now its 34 @@..

  8. LOL here in Kota Kinabalu also hot. Weird but it rained every now and then XD thank gawd for air conditioning XD

    Rained yet Hot @@ really weird..
    Woahhh air-con~~ I want too 😛

  9. huhuhu… Kuching here also bery hot lei.. ~_~ melting at 2am here..

    Kuching finish raining season eh?
    Nvm can go for Ang Dao Cheng Luk, White Lady and Metahon hahaha

  10. yes miao, lately is like so hot.
    and of course as a girl i cannot go completely naked T.T
    so i bath first, then wear spaghetti strap tees at home with short pants lo..

    yeah, no air cond at home sucks le.

    Yalor super duper hot these days..

    I guess after a few more years.. an air-con is compulsory in every house d. @@

  11. yela miao. melaka’s weather for yesterday was super hot. i can’t even sleep. like u said, even the air also panas!

    Yalor.. its like a heater XD more than a fan

  12. Wah bro u going to LAW Nite..
    COol.take some photos then show us ya~

    Hahaha didn’t took much photos.. 😛
    But I did “photographed” with my eyes hahaha

  13. I thought Miao always seem to be naked de?
    Since when you got clothes o…

    go to people’s house need to wear something also 😛

  14. damn la. my hair damn long somemore. at home 16th floor also hot like mad. fuck!

    Wah 16th floor also hot like that. I bet those staying on the first floor already half cooked d XD

  15. it the MMU law night at Holiday Inn, Melaka?
    love your comic strips btw 😉

    Yup ^^ it is..
    You were there?

  16. hehe yeap i was! but not for MMU Law Night though..i was working in an event there.. 🙂 was at the lobby with my colleagues while you all were gathering outside the ballroom. lol

    I see I see..
    when we all gathering outside the ballroom?
    You saw me?

  17. I’m a girl so I ccan’t do that… but usually on hot days I just wear thin clothes,I wish I could be frozen! hahaha

    Lock all the windows and doors. then can also but that will be super hot also.

  18. Did you really do that???!!! It’s impolite you know!!! If you’re hot,eat ice cream. Always find a place near the AC. Sometimes,on hot days I do that also. But in the last picture seems like you wanna take off your pants,and you say not completely naked! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don’t just go around and undress in people’s house! GO FIND AN AC!!!!!

    hahahaha his house has no AC XD Already very familiar with him. I just went topless.
    He also topless hahaha XD

  19. If you’re hot,just get into the freezer! I’m sure everyone’s house has a freezer! 😀

    unfortunately, my friend’s house’s freezer is spoiled 🙁

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