Coming Soon: I Don’t like Scary Movies

My friends suggested a thai ghost movie titled “Coming Soon”. For those who like ghost movie might like this too as the director for this movie is the same director who directed the famous “Shutter”.

Description: The movie is about this ghost inside a film/movie  that actually haunts people. Yeah its something like “Ring” but you die on spot instead of 7 days later. Hohoho…which proved that Thais are more efficient than Japs. XD

And we bought the best time for watching a ghost movie, 12 in the midnight =.=

Lucky the cinema was quite packed with people also, if not it will be lots more creepier. LOL

I can’t comment much or recommend this movie as I don’t like to watch ghost movies in the first place.  So I can’t judge whether the movie is scary or not as every ghost movies appeared to be for me. Which reminds me of the month August where every local TV stations will broadcasts ghost movies over the movie. Damn.

Seriously, I don’t like to watch ghost movie.

I don’t like roller-coaster too.

I just don’t like to scare myself.




Yes, I admit.


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