Thief in da House!

Jian Akiraceo Rant 37 Comments

Seriously, it hurts A LOT! I can see my blood veins in my eyes all popping out when I’m gargling my mouth. @@

This Big Rat even took away my hair conditioner. RAWR! When I came back from work yesterday, both the items are back to its place. He put them back :|.

The same thing happened to my toothbrush few weeks ago. I never touched that toothbrush since then.

Why can’t they ask if they wanted to borrow it?

Comments 37

  1. I can actually feel your pain…. Who is the thief actually~!

    One of my housemate which I have no idea which. LOL

    p/s: there’s this new housemate that I haven’t meet him yet LOL
    and it had been over 2 weeks d

  2. i know how!!!! put some rats urine INSIDE the toothpaste ^_^ meanwhile, hide your personal one in your own room. hehehehe

    Reply: Hahaha I can’t find rat.. maybe Wafupafu’s might help XD

  3. omg… u should keep your stuff in your room next time. Staying with such irresponsible housemate is very sienz….

    take care n all the best

    Reply: Yeah now keeping my stuff in my room d

  4. sue him
    and and ask him to pay 4 medical Bil
    that will teach him..

    and buy yourself new toothbrush
    if i were u i die already if someone touches my toothbrush
    sharing toothbrush is a big no no even he is my husband..


    hope you are okay dear jian ge ge

    I bought a new toothbrush when its lost
    ea toothbrush is very sensitive thing

  5. wah is this the cause of your bad mood?
    Sigh, housemates are like that lar. I dun keep my toiletries in the washroom, i placed everything in a little basket and i carry around when i need it. A little troublesome but it solves the problem you have just described.

    Hahaha maybe it is part of it XD LOL..
    a bad start of a day will ruined the mood for the rest of the day.

  6. Haha, taking toothpaste without asking you for permission?

    woah!! blood veins? you should take photo then sue him with this evidence…

    Seriously, its painful T____T
    Yalor.. and he returned it back before I got home from work..

    I think when he took it, he thought I was out to work d.. lol

  7. sharing is caring 🙂
    when do u plan to post 3 entries per day? haha
    ur blog really enjoy to read and see la..

    Reply: Hahaha I’m trying to pull it into 1 post per 2 days XD

  8. quite sien with this kind of peoples. I dislike a lot.

    Reply: There’s many kinds of people in this world..
    We just have to bear it

  9. Ouch. That’s really scary? You share bathroom?

    Yeah we shared bathroom @@ but the owner doesn’t but I ever saw him went into our bathroom 😐

  10. i thot id seen them all, but your cartoons ALWAYS makes me laugh extra loud. LOL. until so detail got crack sumore..

    you are truly gifted Jian. it wud be an honor to meet you in person. =D

    ps. you let ppl borrow your toothbrush? eew. >.<

    Hahaha I’m not that gifted also.. ^^
    p/s: I don’t borrow toothbrush to ppl.. its so unhygienic

  11. drink lotsa water miao!!!
    ulcer can be caused by lack of water or simply….u tergigit ur inner mouth lining, which is…sux to the max 🙁

    and eewww….i disgrace those who use other people’s toothbrush….

    Reply: Yes Sir!
    That’s why I’m trying not to talk so much and eat slowly..
    Its so painful .. somemore its in the inner mouth 😐

  12. so cham one ka use ppl’s toothbrush and toothpaste. dun put it in the toilet, bring it to ur room @_@

    how could a person use somebody else toothbrush @_@ omg

    Yeah bringing everything inside my room..
    LOL now my room like a small house xD

  13. Thief in your house? Haha… My shampoo went missing last week, no one took it! I still can’t understand how it goes disappear?? (Magiccc??) 🙁

    *Looking at WafuPafu*
    Maybe I know who took them XD

  14. Ou..I dislike people touch my things without my permission. Me no-likey. Try to buy the ulser treatment paste from pharmacy, guaranteed recover in a night. I also don’t have much interaction with my house mate for four months. Even we meet we just smile and walk away doing our own things. o.O

    Same goes to me but we don’t smile lol XD
    My old housemates rocks tho, they’re my buddies from Kuching hahaha XD

  15. Haha… pityful miao. Next time, pour some glue on the toothpaste or put some wasabi into the toothpaste. Give the thief a lesson.

    And that gives u a lesson too rite? Haha…

    HAhahaha what happened if he likes wasabi hahahaha XD

  16. pity.. my friend having a s*ck hsemate as well.. use other ppl’s kettle to boil ‘food’.. instead of water.
    Good luck ^^

    LOL boiled food.. that’s what i called creative XD lol

  17. Ouch!Go get cream for your ulcer or something to make it numb…

    I think its sore right now .. can feel my left chin is fatter than my right chin XD

  18. time to move miao miao..

    more problems will arise later. like you said, one of them thought you weren’t at home and ‘borrower’ it. who knows what else did he ‘borrow’..

    no good…

    Reply: Might try to find somewhere cheaper also..
    I know what else he borrow.. my bandwidth. RAWR!

  19. gosh~~ who is the bad bad ppl took away our miao miao toothpaste???? me too hate those kind of ppl who took others’ belongings without asking permission lo!!

    I also not sure which fella did it ><

  20. Wah so dai zhai! Aiyo so cham la u! You buy d wintermelon powder apply on ulcer the ulcer will faster cure 1 ah!

    Now I can feel it get better d but my throat start to itch T____T lagi dai zhai

  21. I have a feeling that your housemate is in love with you… toothbrush = indirect kiss… (*squeal*)

    ps:your housemates; girl or guy?? if guy, is he gay??

    😐 a guy

  22. Peoples from our own hometown seem will get closer to each other naturally. True or false? Haha.. It’s like feel relax to have someone from your hometown around you and know you are not alone.

    Hahaha not sure.. but probably its true ^^

  23. lol..first time ever i see people steal other housemate toothpaste and shampoo = =
    if wanna curi curi use also please la do it secretly = =
    thought like everything is belong to you de meh = =
    anyways nice updated ne~~
    lol the ulser ar…erm drink more herbal drinks lo

    Some people never thought of buying and just use what is there in front of them..

    Last time I knew a friend whose housemate like to use his stuffs and even eat his food and never thought of buying..

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