Miao’s First MC.

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I’m sick again and took my first MC on Wednesday. Being a productive cat, I don’t really like the feeling lying on the bed doing nothing at all.

In the afternoon when I felt better, I actually went to the bank to settle some of my matters, went to the workshop to get my radio fix and of course went to the hospital to get a shot. Oyah I even went to my Japanese Class at night.

In the end…

Being productive is not a good thing after all.

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  1. miao miao….
    i know, it’s sux to just lie on the bed doing nothing. i used to be like u, doing this and that while i hv the mc (doing lab reports, assignments) and not attending the class. but it got worsen, and nagged by my roomate instead.

    rest a lot, miao and get well soon!!!

    Hehehe feel bad for just lying there… πŸ˜›

  2. dont worry, cat got 9 life… XD sure every time miao is revived, miao will be more revitalized!

    Hahahaha if I keep this up I will lose all my 8 lives soon also XD

  3. wah Bro~ u are taking japanese course too?? you wan to expand ur career to Japan?? hehehe…not bad leh..mayb u can try..Japan oso famous with their cartoon..u can try it out!

    LOL no lar just for interest only ^^
    Their art are a different level with mine..

  4. ya lor go rest
    why la go here and there
    listen to wafu pafu oso le
    productive is not good
    plus i thought u like to sleep ma
    heres the time

    I see its a weekday and can settle some of my stuffs

  5. Eat healthy and stay healthy by exercise more πŸ˜€

    I think I’m not healthy πŸ™
    I don’t eat healthy and I’m not exercise much..
    I think I need to go to gym starting tomorrow..

  6. now I know why some of the doctor don’t give MC liao…becos those ppl like you lar, give MC still want to move around, wasted, don’t give.

    Hahahaha πŸ˜›
    Trying to utilize my time

  7. u cant just do ntg when u MC. but u can just enjoy sitting at home, watch ur own favourite movie…maratons!

    Problem is that I don’t have much movies in my PC ^^”

  8. Although cat have 9 lives but need to rest also ah. Sick cat very cham wan…Rest more and get well soon ah! πŸ™‚

    Hahaha utilize my life wakakakaka

  9. I wanted to say Get Well Soon but decided to say, “DAI SEI”. Coz I understand the non-productive part but you need rest when body is weak and invaded by sick bacteria… Like, computer kena virus also canot do anything la. If you do, everyone also kena virus… And u become “chin gu jui yan” coz spread virus… :p
    Anyways, take good rest, drink more water. <— sounds like old nenek… (haihz)and ehem.. *cough* get well soon *cough*

    HahahaI think I should take more MC as.. I just infected my whole office the next day ^^”
    Now my ex-boss is coughing d.. she seems to be very vulnerable..

  10. hahaha.. no la.. you must SWEAT it out.. just wrap urself up in blanket, sit in room, off fan, and just SWEAT. and drink lotsa water.


    Ya I know it works too as I usually do that too back in hometown XD

  11. Wow! So piah meh? Have enough rest if not you’ll get really damm sick! Then no one will blog anymore. Ha πŸ˜€

    Hahaha I can always ask Wafu&Pafu
    But recently they two being such a lazy butts..
    Sleep and eat only

  12. Marcus is so right. I did that the last time i was sick…

    even u sick, pls don stop blogging…b a productive cat! lol…

    get well soon ya!

    Hahahaha Okay ^^ I will

  13. i love your blog. your cartoons are awesome!
    do you cartoons of dogs as well?

    I seldom do cartoons of dogs..
    Dogs are hard to draw XD

  14. get well soon jian! haha maybe you need freeskies with added vitamin C! haha get more rest! switch your button off then you will be sleeing like a pig =P

    I don’t want Freeskies..
    I want Marinated Baked Crabs :3

  15. that is why u must make use of ur MC. GET some rest and get well soon!

    I think my boss will kill me if he found out I took MC and still crawls around

  16. Owhhh..cute..

    *cough cough* I mean….

    Get well soon Miao Miii~ *Pat pat on Miao Mi~*

    Genkidayo! Drink more water. >.<

    Reply: Purrr~~~Nya~~
    *drinks water*
    *Gulp gulp*

  17. η—…ζ°—γ«ζˆγ£γ¦γ―ε€§ε€‰γ γͺο½žο½žο½žγγ‚γγ‚ε…ƒζ°—γ«γͺγ‚‹γ‚ˆγ†γ«γ‘γ‚ƒγ‚“γ£γ¨δΌ‘γΏγ—γ‚γ†οΌοΌοΌ

    Hahahaha A pro..
    I still can’t understand that well yet but I can guess what’s you’re trying to say. ^^
    Thank you ya~

  18. Miao miao ok already? rest well! Don’t be too hardworking! πŸ˜€

    pOor me.. have a running nose!! πŸ™ Bless myself …

    Aiks.. you should take care too ><

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