My Wife’s Butt Got Kissed.

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Me and my friend rushed out from the car and check the damage, so was the driver behind me.

As it was the first time that I actually bumped into someone in my driving history. I really have no idea what to do and what to negotiate. So I quickly apologized and said I will pay for the damage without really discussing who actually hit who in the first place. XD

But luckily the damage done wasn’t anything serious and my friend paid for it on behalf of me. ^^


The same thing happened when I’m in Kuching and I reversed and hit a 5-Series BMW. Luckily there was no driver in the car and no scratches from both car. XD

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  1. after all those accident your car got shining some more ka? better i let my iswara got knock down by somebody lor hehe

    Reply: Yeap, no scratch ^^
    Hahaha why? Want to get some claims?

  2. My friend borrow my baby and bang the road divider.. my baby’s lips got hurt.. I have to bring my baby to see doctor.. doctor say my baby lips cannot save edi.. i so sad.. doctor say i nid to replace new lips for my baby.. T.T.. there goes my moneh~

    Wahh jiaklak..
    your friend got your baby hurted @@

  3. haha miao’s thing sure always come out with miracle….pat on miao (*steal miao’s luck*)!!! XD

    I think I need to thank the gods and angels for them ^^

  4. 🙂 I’m attracted to the n3 when you mention 1st time happen to you. Recently my blackie did knock by someone too and yet he said i’m the one who knock him (i did mention in my n3 too) at the end we ended at police station. Of coz he’s fault.Want to claimed his insurance, but stupid dumb2 me didn’t even get the contact no., green card, car ins detail (as i was so mad and don’t even want to know who he is) so how to claimed then?? So for first timer like me, get all those information when wish to claim from third party insurance. -gud day- 🙂

    I see I see.. I will take note 🙂 Thanks..

  5. lolx jian..
    i also never kiss or get kiss b4
    see im a gd driver<– excluding the fact i drive like maniac

    hhaahah as long as u ok…. becareful ya

    Wahhh drive like maniac @@

  6. im guessin the one bhind drives a wira n u drivin an “imported-car-tat-i-duno-4got-wat-name-liao” =P

    *update* i juz read ur chatbox, its a SAGA BLM -_-

    Hahaha I can’t afford an imported car XD

  7. ROFL ~ ~.~ Lucky your wife wasn’t “injured” :l

    Yalor.. Not scars from accident but i do have some stains that is not removable @@

  8. gila. i oso just dented an MPV last week oso.. left my contact, but till today, nobody called. *guilty*

    love Miao’s expression at the end. LOL

    Haha maybe the driver thought it was okay XD

  9. wah…..u knocked into a bmw ar..and still nothing happen to ur car? what car u driving wei?

    Proton Tiara..
    Nothing happen to the car as well LOL..

  10. so good neh ur friend paid for u ^^

    hahaha as the victim driver was staying somewhere around my friend’s place
    and he can pass him the new replacement light to him

  11. haha, ur car very geng o! ask ur geng teach some kung fu to my car also la wei…

    Hahaha You must you Miao brand Wax to polish then it will be tougher XD

  12. AWESOME…!!!

    and spotted hit and run case..
    BM somemore oh.. *tsk tsk tsk*

    I didn’t hit and run..
    I actually went down and see if there’s any damages..
    I even stand there and checked whether the driver is nearby.. (I was in front of a open cafe)

    but no one wanna bother me 😐

  13. HAhah the itchy hand at the back very za dou. If me sure scared until frozen there.

    If I didn’t touch it.. it will be just a crack XD
    Seriously I have a pair of itchy hand…Curiosity cat 😀

  14. a lesson to learn. next time langgar ppl’s car..dont go touch. haha

    Hahaha yea, lesson learned XD
    This is what they called.. curiosity kills a cat

  15. usually…don’t go appologizing first. sometimes it’s not your fault, but once u open ur mouth to say sorry, means that you admitted it was your fault. so even if it’s not ur fault, but because u accidentally “admitted” then there is nothing to discuse already, you’ll need to pay. 😛

    Yalor..that’s what I learned also..
    I think my friend and the driver was shock when I just apologized without any discussion XD..

  16. your friend is so kind! so much for being ‘perfectionist’ hahahaa.

    btw, yr wife got a strong and sturdy ass eh? :p

    Hahaha a perfectionist who never really do things perfectly

  17. your car is saga ?haha…lucky that your car don have any scratch…i knocked someone few times too, but i’m lucky every time no need to pay any thing…XD

    Hahaha cause you always holding an iron baseball bat in your hand when you get off the car? 😛 jk jk

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