The Great Escapade

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Yeah, MAS airlines just announced their Stimulus Packages which comes with 9 types of packages to suit everyone needs which is so awesome.

After looking through the packages, I came out with this great idea…

If I could travel anywhere, I will just use more than one packages from MAS to travel over a week.

Now I have only one problem, whether my boss will give me a one-week leave or not?




Wait.. I think I don’t have so many leaves left too. @@

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  1. You got how many day leave left??
    If still left 1 week leave then ok but you are still Need you bos to approve you allow 1 week holiday…
    So good luck on persuading your b0ss for a 1 week holiday ^^

    Let me see.. hmm 1 day?
    Yet I’m thinking of a week off.. LOL

    nevermind.. everyone is allow to dream right? XD

  2. Lol that was hillarious.

    Kesian Papa Miao if you ditch him for a bowl of noodles. XD

    Kolok Mee for the win!!!
    I think my dad understands XD

  3. lolx..

    i have an idea

    make a promise to ur boss u draw cartoon on him and promise him 1 week publicity

    he will let one

    trust me i do that b4

    No he won’t..

  4. Woah! I love your plan! It’s awesome! Haha. Can utilise those packages, huh?
    Hehe. When you are back in Kuching, maybe we can meet up too 😀

    If i manage to go back Kuching of course XD

  5. First time commenting here, love your drawing so much. Keep up the good work. ;D

    Woahh Thanks for the comment ^^
    and the complements too 😀
    I will try to draw more ^^

  6. Hi, i just found your blog through Nuffnang, and i think i’m a little too addicted to your cute cat. In my head the ‘so cute!’ ‘soooo cute!’ doesn’t stop lol. Each facial expression is hilarious and spot on la!

    And good luck i hope you can somehow somewhere dig up a week leave >.<

    Hahahaha woahh thank you for coming over ^^
    I’m still have lot more to learn ^^

  7. good morning miao! why not you shift your whole family to Melaka so you won’t feel sick. you don’t have to take leave and you get to feel the home food everyday 😛 your situation better than mine. i m in australia hence i more homesick and food sick than you 😛 haha

    Hahaha no thanks.. 😀
    I will rather go back to Kuching 😀
    Beside home food, there are more..

  8. Wish you may get your leave application approved. I just off yesterday due to “Swine Flu”… hahaha~ Joking de…

    Just normal Fever and it’s friends…

    Hahahaha a new reason to take leave XD
    Seriously its very deadly.. since its transferable through people..

  9. ><!! daddy got misai de meh???
    yo!! bro…u better eat more lah…y u look so thin leh?? not handsome liao…. like tet go liao loh…

    Hahaha purposely put ma.. so easy to differentiate Miao and Papa Miao 😛
    Sigh.. Stress XD

  10. Make sure your probation period is over and now work as confirmed staff before applying for any long leave. If not later come back become a jobless cat =.=||

    Lucky its over d 😀
    Hahaha I will be stray cat XD

  11. I believe Miao will able to apply leaves if you write something that boss like to read in your blog~


    Promise him u will buy some goodies for him la!~

    My bosses don’t read blogs.. i think
    They don’t even know I have a blog XD

  12. Eeee..I want balik kampung also!! I want go Kuching too!! Thanks Miao for the info. ^^ Well, see if there’s public holiday connected with weekends so you can take off back to Miao city bah. =)

    Hahaha welcome ^^
    Its better to go back as often as possible.. In my opinion..

  13. ahaa… now i found another great one… thanks to nuffnang…
    seriously i’m full of jealousy with your creativity…
    i can’t even draw that cute hamsters of yours…
    i should start my 1st grade drawing lesson all over again…
    jelez jelez jelez…
    anyway gud luck n keep on writing okies…. 😉

    Woahh thank you ^^ for coming
    Don’t jealous don’t jealous..
    its not that great really..

  14. hahaha meow, i support u … u told ur boss u got H1N1 then need quarantine for a week cannot come to work. I bet he will be approved for sure.

    Later he afraids of getting affected and fired me instead

  15. Uwaaaa. They offer those kinda packages? Kitten wants! So I can fly back to Penang. Me miss Tok Tok Mee rawr.
    Give Boss ‘pityful Miao-eye face’? xDD

    The +1 pity face eh? XD hahaha
    Woah what is Tok tok Mee?

  16. just found ur blog from nuffnang n congrats for being featured blogger. *wink*
    i luv comics n a nice cat u have~

    lalala… malu saya~

    Hahaha thank you for visiting ^^
    Gosh I love Nuffnang XD
    They bring me all these new people 😀

  17. aud you damn stalker!!!

    miao/akiraceo/jian/wafudafu? wah so confusing. i know people ask you this like a million times, but how do you draw these?? isit like the draw on computer with a pen thingy?

    Just stick to miao so it wont be so confusing :P.
    Actually I’m using a normal mouse with a software called Adobe Fireworks. 🙂

  18. ganbatte! get ur 1 week off! XD kekekeke..poor miao so home sick..u need to tapau some kolok mee when u get back this time *rofl XD

    Omg Kolok Mee~~~~~
    Miss it

  19. im saving my leave for vacation too! 😀 hope got enough to last till end of year…if not have to fake mc. hehehe

    Going for a long vacation too eh

  20. Very cute website!!my first…erm…third time(i think so) visit your blog.You draw all that comic???(o.o)

    Woahhh thank you for coming back ^^
    Ya I draw all of them 😀

  21. haha… i’m reaching back in kuching this sun!! i’ll eat some kolo mee on your behalf

    *Jealous jealous*

    I don’t care I want dapao XD

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