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Jian Akiraceo Announcement 26 Comments

Finally solved the problem. If you still can’t see a white content background and a banner.

Please do let me know.

By the way, I added the wallpaper and emoticon at the download page 🙂

Feel free to check it out.

By the way, I change my about page as well. Check that out too ^^

Comments 26

  1. WOOOT x3 I was wondering will there be a wallpaper for this theme yesterday =x hah, thanks miao ^__^

    No no ,
    thank you for downloading them ^^

  2. Hi^^ been following your blog for quite awhile… 1st time to post a comment… really enjoy the way you blogging… hope to learn more from you… have a nice day…

    Hehehe I don’t many things to be learn 1 wor..

    By the way, thanks a lot for supporting ^^

  3. i do want to cilok your emoticons…
    hopefully it works… ehehehe 😉

    I hope it works too

    p.s: best use with white background

  4. i view on ie8. cant c da white content background and da banner. works fine on FF

    RAWR! Sob sob.. need to fix it for IE8

  5. eh Miao the new About page is simplified which is kinda neat. anyway might put a link to your old “About” page? that comic strip is nice too….

    Hahaha thanks.. I might add more stuffs in it in future..
    The old 1 ar? Hahaha maybe after i revamp it 😛

  6. Is that new emoticon supposed to jerk left and right?

    🙁 I can’t fix it some how..
    Don’t worry .. i will try to fix/improve it.. in future

  7. NICE blog~
    as ur request…
    I cant view ur background pic with IE8 but work fine with Mozilla firefox…

    I will revamp the whole thing tomorrow T___T
    Another big work to do

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