A day with Pafu.

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Hehehe… The place looks kinda small and crowded setting for my hamsters with all those stuffs in it. 😛

Hahaha This is Pafu who is actually 1.5 times the size of Wafu (one of the ways i differentiate them). Pafu likes food very much. And usually nothing can stop him from eating his seeds even if I go and poke caress him while he’s eating. I love to do that too hahahaha as he always doesn’t really care about it. Hahaha

He really does loves his seeds very much. =.=

It happened so fast right after I cleaned the tank and put Wafu and Pafu back in it. While Wafu went and checked the place out, Pafu rushed to the food bowl (as usual) and sniffed up all the seeds there. And suddenlt, he just lied flat in the bowl and doesnt move anymore…

No matter how I called and poked him..he showed no responses..not a single move.

What a pig.

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  1. I wanted to get a hamster since I was a kid too. But I scared it bite my hand till bleed and it stinks la. How how?

    Hmm.. Get a Roboroski Hamster. They don’t stink that much compare to others.. but some of them do bite.

    But as long as you don’t provoke them okay d.

  2. wah must go on diet already. and hey i think u can really eat their seeds when u are out of food 😛

    It smells sweet.. makes me wanna taste it XP

  3. hahaha…

    I wish to have hamster in my house, but I’m too lazy todo 5S for them…

    Hahaha then you should keep a Tamagochi instead

  4. LOL. mayb he eat the seed half way and fall asleeps.

    He haven’t ate them already fall asleep. So cute. XD
    Funny is no matter how I poked him also no response XD hahahaha

  5. LOL! You just trained your hammie to sleep 😛 haha! well new clean environment is so cozy that your hammie just can’t resist to rest itself 😛

    Hahaha I think they prefer their old home with their own scent XD
    They seems so unhappy when i change their beddings

  6. The phrase “No matter how I called and poked him..he showed no responses..not a single move” scared me. 😛

    Hahaha lucky i can see him breathing.. as his body moves up and down..
    if not I will be scare too

  7. Kawaii desu nehhh! I want pet bunnies!! But too bad my landlord doesn’t allow pets because he say many of the residents have fur-allergic yet….few days ago I just passed by a unit and a guy was carrying a snake. T.T *shiver*

    Bunnies rock too!

    Hahaha then get a lizard, frog, salamander, fish, something not furry XD

  8. haha, this is cute! mayb u can create account for wafu pafu in facebook as fans page. hahahhaa

    Hahaha make a hamster fans club XD

  9. So adorable! Haha 😀 Pafu likes to eat…just like you? From this post, it shows that you really love and care for them…esp…Pafu! LOL 😛

    I treat pets as family XD

  10. I always wanted hamster but my parents forbid me to do so…*maybe afraid that it’ll die due to lack of care*…:D

    I guessed so.
    I think if you show them how responsible you are and how you can take care yourself. I bet they will allow you to keep one 🙂

  11. OMG!! both them so cute..
    I wish I can have just one hamster as a pet-friend [what the?!]

    but what can i do…my father always xsetuju what I say or what ever I done :((

    Eh..I haven’t show Wafu yet XD

    Hmm you should ask your dad the reason for his forbidden on this matter.
    like maybe he doesn’t like pets, feels its troublesome or maybe he thinks you’re not ready for a pet..etc..

  12. Zomg pafu so cute! His worried you took his seeds away. So he went and slept on them instead! xDD
    I miss my Roboroski girlgirl. ;_; But I suddenly found something ironic. Miao’s a cat, right? Wafupafu are hamsters, a form of mouse, right? …. Aren’t cats supposed to be eternal enemies with mouses? xDDDD
    *kidnaps Wafupafu*

    Woohoooo Keep them for backup food

  13. are u sure pafu is not dead? XD

    Confirm.. the fatty woke up once the shuttle sound from my camera woke him up XD

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